“Appears On” feature gone

Can someone explain what is happening? I’m a growing artist and I have a featured artist on a song, but it’s not getting a lot of plays because the “appears on” feature is wiped! I’m sure this is disabling listeners and artists. Spotify please bring this back. This is insane!!

Hey there folks,


We've seen some additional reports that you're still having troubles seeing "Appears On" in the mobile and desktop app.


We've passed this on to our tech teams so that they can look into it.


If you're still experiencing this, make sure to add your +VOTE and let us know the following details of the affected device(s):

  • device and OS version 
  • exact Spotify version 
  • screenshot of how it looks

We'll keep you posted here, thanks again!

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Nice to see this still hasn’t been fixed after literally almost 2 months...


Yeah if anyone finds an alternative service that actually has valuable features like this let me know – I will cancel my premium with Spotify because this is ridiculous.


The lack of customer service and care for artists (especially smaller ones) with this issue is awful. Disables both listeners and artists, not to mention this section has completely vanished from my desktop app as of a couple days ago as well.


PLEASE Spotify, give us an update on this. We are all so tired of the “it’s fixed now” when it’s very clearly not.


This post was started by me to find a solution to THE ORDER of songs in the "Appears On" category. The only Spotify answers have been only been relating to whether you can or can't see the "Appears On" category on mobile. I just don't like the new update how all the songs in that category are being organized by POPULARITY instead of RELEASE DATE. But within the last few days the "Appears On" category has completely disappeared on DESKTOP for me. So now there's no "Appears On" category on mobile or desktop for me AND when it was there, the new organization of POPULARITY FIRST makes it an impossible feature to use.


"Appears On" feature gone from by notebook installation.  I'm very disappointed.  I hope that the feature returns soon! I will be looking into other platforms. Not happy.


Despite HUNDREDS of views we're not getting many upvotes on this issue. There's been multiple threads concerning the disappearance of "APPEARS ON" in various areas of this message board yet still no explanation or remedy from Spotify. Seems we're being IGNORED. 😡

"Appears On" section is on the Spotify web player. How that for
inconsistency? 'Artist Playlists' are on the app, but not on the web
player. So, for the moment, you can access the 'Appears On' section on the
web player. This just seems to be the result of sloppy work. Ignoring
customers, esp. after taking away a beloved feature, is not a smart move.
They can, in turn, ignore and leave Spotify .... with their monthly
subscription money.
Casual Listener

The "Appears On" feature also does not work on the Desktop app on my Mac as well as my Windows laptop. It used to be after Singles and EPs and then Playlists, followed by Appears On.  But now there is nothing after Playlists on any of my devices.


However it still shows up on the Web Player.


I'm having the same issue. I thought I was the only one until I came here to look for answers. The "Appears On" feature is gone both on my mobile device and Desktop app on my Windows Laptop. It's a very useful feature within the platform to discover new collaborations, artists, etc. The Spotify community and as a premium member, we need this feature back ASAP. Thank you!

Samsung - Galaxy S8 - Spotify

Asus - Windows Laptop - Spotify





So is this just not going to be fixed.
I mean I love Spotify, but I don’t get how the app has been getting worse.
I mean the shuffle is fake now and just plays songs you queue the most which has got to be the stupidest thing ever. I shuffle when I want to hear songs I don’t think of at first, not the ones I queue the most, I mean what the **bleep** kind of change is that. When I shuffle I want it to actually shuffle is that really that hard to figure out.
The radio feature just gives you a playlist now instead of a pandora like radio. - not the worst thing, but why it’s worse than what it was.

A hide song button has been put right where the  ‘add to playlist’ button used to be.-  also minor but why?

And now this which I just don’t get, its been months since this happened and there has been no fix or it’s just be removed like a countless number other good features.



Now articles are even being written about this...



Listen to the people Spotify!! A mass amount of people want this feature back and your customer support and interaction regarding it has been horrible.


Everyone is tired of paying for features to be taken away with no warning, especially essential features like the "Appears On" section. I don't know what more it's going to take for you guys to add this section back.

Just please do it.


I don't understand how this has been an "error" for over a month now. This is clearly an intentional removal of this feature