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(Apple TV) TvOS 14 Multiple Audio Output not working



Country Brazil



Apple TV 4K 32GB

Operating System

TvOS 14 Beta 2

Spotify 1.10.32


Hello spotify people. 


I´m beta testing TvOS 14 betas 1 and 2 for another aplications and realized that on spotify, when i try to select multiple audio outputs with airplay, the sound only comes out on one destination. 


I have the apple tv pluged directly on my tv, and multiple airplay targets, speakers, airport express and other apple tv, selecting more than one target, only one, the last selected plays audio.


I have tryed  the same configuration with another apps like, youtube, twitch, movies and apple music and everything works fine. On TvOS 13 everything worked just fine also. 


I know is everything beta, but i wanted to report so you guys can make your magic, and everything will be ok for the release on september

Thanks in advance

PS. If you need a beta tester! 🙂


Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant Help board here.



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Hello everyone! I too had this problem and fixed it.

When you are on the airplay selection area on the Apple TV (hold down the tv icon on remote & a small menu opens up, scroll down to the airplay icon), change between tv speakers and the HomePod and eventually it starts to play. 
For me I first had the pod selected and no sound coming then I also selected tv speakers and it automatically switched to the pod and started playing. Might not work for everyone, but okay around with it and it might just work for you!







IPhone 11 pro Max

Operating System

(iOS 10


My Question or Issue

Hi. I have several speakers in my home and would like to use the multiroom functionality through AirPlay. I struggle with this as the speakers are identified as headphones and the only option i get is to select one of the speakers. On my girlfriends iPhone X, we are able to select both as the speakers as They are identified as speakers and not headphones. Is there anything I can do to correct this on my phone? In the attachement from my phone you will see that the speakers are identified as headphones. On my girlfriends phone the speakers are shown as the Apple TV in the attachement. The speakers are both on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Thanks in advance for any assistance.


I am also having the same issue on tvOS 14.0.1.


Hey @elrafar and @JoeH76,


Thanks for reporting this, we appreciate your feedback!


We've passed it along to our developer team so that they can have a look at the issue at their end. Keep in mind that as TV OS 14 is still in beta, issues are expected behavior and we can't set a specific timeframe for when they will be resolved. Should you spot any others - let us know and we'll be happy to escalate them internally.


Let us know if there's anything else we can help out with 🙂


Thanks. However tvOS 14 is no longer in Beta. GR happened a couple weeks back and two minor updates have already been released. The issue still persists. 


Hey @JoeH76,


Thanks for getting back to us and apologies for the mix-up.


Could you let us know how many and what type of output devices you have connected?


Have you tried to completely remove them, restart the your devices and reconnect them from the Home app? This page contains detailed instructions on how to do this. 


Hope this helps. Keep us posted on how it goes.  


I´ve tryed to connect:

1 Apple TV 4k
1 Apple TV HD 4th gen
1 Libratone Zipp 2

All devices were restarted, the apple tvs were sound synced with an iphone
11 pro max

All devices are connected with 5Ghz Wi-Fi 5.

Playing and pausing some times syncs the music, but is really erratic.
I have same problem. When I airplay music from Apple TV to Sonos my TV doesn't output sound. If I airplay music from iPhone X to Apple TV and Sonos audio is out of sync or only one output is playing. Everything updated to latest versions. Everything worked fine on iOS 13

Apple TV 4k
Sonos one
iPhone X

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey there folks, 


We really appreciate taking the time to report this here in the Community!


We've passed this on to our tech teams to look into.


If you're also experiencing troubles with the audio output of your Apple TV when using the app, make sure to add your +VOTE and the following details in a comment:

  • The affected device 
  • The operating system version running on that device
  • Exact Spotify version the device is currently on
  • Any troubleshooting steps you've tried (make sure to try restarting all devices, reinstalling the app and trying a different internet connection)

We'll be keeping you updated here so make sure you've subscribed to this thread to stay in the loop.


Thanks 🙂

  • The affected device

I have Apple TV 4K (tvOS 14.0.2) together with a Sonos One SL (12.1), 


  • Exact Spotify version the device is currently on

It's running on 2020.11.02_2-a98dd1a release-v2.110-1-gb60577b HEAD-v3.143.24-g86bfb85e 1.14.15

  • Any troubleshooting steps you've tried (make sure to try restarting all devices, reinstalling the app and trying a different internet connection)

I can run for example Telia app with both systems playing simultaneously. I can also Airplay from an ipad to both the Apple TV and Sonos system. 


Same here!


I use Spotify on Apple TV with HomePod as an audio output and the experience with your App is frustrating.


The progress bar shows that something is playing but the sound just doesn't come out.

If I make a quick application switch and play on Apple Music, the sound is played normally.


I noticed that the only way to resolve the bug is to access the "Now Playing" menu, go to the song to pause using the round button (Play / Pause) and then press to Play. Always on the second try it works.


It's like tvOs doesn't register Spotify as a music app