Apple Watch: Spotify Complication - not showing 'now playing'

Status: Fixed

After installing the new apple watch spotify app, I noticed the complication does not update. It just shows dashed lines, regardless of watch face.


i have tried (on both) rebooting, reinstalling, uninstalling -> rebooting -> reinstalling.


No luck. Am I the only one noticing this issue?







iPhone X

Operating System

iOS 12.1.1


My Question or Issue



Hey there everyone,


This should be now fixed in the latest version of the iOS app available.  


We'd recommend updating the app. If you're still having troubles, please make sure to perform a quick reinstall to make sure you're on that latest version available.









Apple Watch Series 4 & iPhone X

Operating System

watchOS 5.1.1 & iOS 12.1


Bug Report

Just downloaded the Apple Watch Spotify app (finally) and have found what appears to be a bug. When Spotify is set as the corner complication on the Apple Watch Series 4, the time remaining in the song/name isn’t displayed. Just appears as the Spotify logo with —— below it.


Also offline streaming support and support for the larger 44mm screen would be fantastic but that’s a pipe dream for now.


Screenshot addedApple Watch Series 4 Complication Bug.jpg




Apple Watch Series 4 Complication Bug.jpg

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same problem here.

apple watch series 4 - 44mm, iphone xs


Same here... Apple Watch Series 4 44mm/iPhone X... Any Solutions?





I got the Apple Watch Series 3 in April, and just recently downloaded the spotify app.

Whenever spotify is playling off your phone, it should show this info on your Apple Watch when you open it.


You can access the spotify app from the Apple Watch 'desktop', press the round button, and look for the spotify symbol.


Maybe some more troubleshooting will help, such as checking the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and seeing if it's downloaded correctly. Also, make sure both your iPhone and Apple watch have at least IOS 12 / Watch OSX 5 or 5.1.


Hope this helped a little, if not, please specify in more detail what's happening exactly, and i'll try to lend a hand.


Have a nice evening.

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I appreciate the response but feel it’s a little out of place. The pictures I posted are screen shots from my watch. The dashed lines are the complication on the watch face (or watch desktop as you put it.) and the other one is of actual spotify app on the watch.


i’m not really sure what more I can add, other than when music is playing and I can see the song name IN the watch spotify app, it does not update on the watch face. It’s just dashed lines.


if there’s a detail I’m leaving out in specific, let me know

Sound weird, I will look into it and let you know

I thought I was the only one! I also have this problem.


iOS 12.1.1 WatchOS 5.1.1 Series 4