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Hi all, 


For some reason an artist I like keeps becoming blocked (the "do not play this artist" feature) automatically. It happened about a week ago, I thought I must have turned this feature on by accident so turned it off and was able to play the songs again. But now every time I restart the app from my phone/just after a certain period of listening that artist gets blocked again and I have to unblock. Very frustrating and time-consuming.


I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, logging out and in etc.


Pretty sure this is a bug, any one else experienced similar?


Hey folks,


Thanks for your updates and for your patience while we looked into this issue. We can now confirm that this should be fixed for everyone!


Make sure your app is updated to the latest version. If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.



Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey there folks,


Thanks for your reports so far. Rest assured that we've passed everything on to our tech team and they are working on a fix.


If you are experiencing this issue, we'd recommend performing a clean reinstall and making sure your device has the latest firmware installed. If possible, you could also try another network to see if that makes a difference.


In case the above tactics don't work, let us know by adding your +VOTE and keep your app updated to guarantee you’re rocking all the latest features.


We'll keep you up to speed here so make sure to subscribe to this thread, thanks!


I'm having the same issue but it just won't unblock the artist. It looks like it worked but the artist's music won't play and when I close and reopen the app it's blocked again.


I've done a complete reinstall with help of support and they told me this is being fixed. 


Hope there's a fix soon since it's very frustrating. 


I also have this issue on the Galaxy 9 plus


I have the same problem. Samsung s20, Samung Tablet, Samung TV and Desktop computer.  I uninstalled all the apps and reinstalled them.  I restarted all devices. I just used one device and uninstall the rest.  I even closed my account and started a new one with a different email and I get the same problem.  I notice too if you use the desktop app for Windows you can't ever play the song again.  It always says "You must unblock it on your phone first" It doesn't work even if you do that.  It's a bad problem because you can easily accidentally hide an artist that you like. Which is why I deleted my original account 

Casual Listener

Hi, I've got exactly the same issue, reported it and described in details in my post last week.


Device: Galaxy S9


Spotify version:

OS: Android 10

Account: Premium family


I'm still experiencing this error, my bands music is cutting out despite following all guidance, clicking 'allow' each time. The songs still cut out and become unplayable shortly after.


Please fix this with urgency, as an artist this is incredibly disappointing because we rely on your service to reach the few but growing fan base.


Having the same problem here, with the artist 'Thee Oh Sees' after a spam song 'Walking on a Dream' appeared in my Release Radar and I blocked the song and reported it.


Now Thee Oh Sees appear in my hidden section twice, if I unblock them they still appear once but, they are not showing as blocked and I can play them for a while or until I restart the app, when they reappear twice in the hidden section again and I  have to unblock them again.


I have found the spam song 'Walking on a Dream' again, I have show unplayable songs enabled, but the song is not playable and not showing as blocked either, so no option to unblock the song.


I have tried everything listed here and the problem still exists and is very frustrating as Thee Oh Sees are one of my most listed to artists.



hola, tengo el mismo problema.

hace algunos días oculte a algunos artistas ya que no los quería escuchar en ese momento

y ahora tengo que ir a la opción de "contenido oculto" y permitir la reproducción de cada uno de los artistas, en ellos esta la opción de "no reproducir a este artista" y aun así no puedo reproducir sus canciones.


ya intente borrar los datos de la aplicación y reiniciar de fabrica el dispositivo y sigue igual.








Music Fan

You must change it to desktop player in the webplayer, then play your song,, if it doesn't play, then click on web player, as it has something to do with shuffle settings


Same issue here.


I accidentaly clicked "Don't play this" on The Weeknd and I am **bleep**. When I press "Allow to play this" on the phone, sometimes I can play his songs, sometimes I can't. But when I turn Spotify off, it doesn't save so I have to repeat it again. And on my desktop the songs don't work AT ALL. 

This is definitely some sort of bug that needs attention because it is very very frustrating.