Artist's top songs all have <1,000 streams

Threads with affected users

Top played showing <1000

Less than 1000 listens for ALL artists ALL songs

Artists' Play Counts Have Reset to < 1000!

Devices affected

  • Desktop (Windows and Mac)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Search for a popular artist (e.g. Ed Sheeran)
  2. Open artist page
  3. Popular tracks show '< 1,000' streams


Status: Fixed
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Status changed to: New issue report

Marked as new issue report.

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Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey everyone!


Spotify's tech folks are looking into this. Keep an eye out here for updates.


Stay tuned!



I've noticed that here in the last few weeks that the number of streams/plays per song has disappeared.  Its hit and miss per album and artist.  A lot of the popular top 5/top 10 songs all show <1,000.  If I restart Spotify it might bring up a few more numbers, but not all like it used to.  The songs I looked at this morning are no longer showing the number of plays tonight, but others are that weren't this morning.  It's nothing consistent. 

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This seems to be fixed. I no longer have this problem

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks!

We'd just like to check how you're getting on here.

Can you try reinstalling with the steps here for us?
Keep us posted with how things are looking afterwards.

Thanks :)


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @MattSuda!

Thanks for letting us know :)

This one should be all fixed up now.

If anyone's still noticing this after reinstalling/restarting their device do let us know.
We'll keep an eye here for a little longer.


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Status changed to: Fixed