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Artwork and artist/track name freezing after an ad plays



Operating System Version:

 Windows 10 Pro

Spotify Version:


 During playback of the McDonalds "mc pick 2" ad, the application will pause playback. you can play a second of the ad by pressing the play button, but it wil instantly go back into a paused state. Therer is no way to force the application to resume play of the ad.


To reproduce:

  1. Step 1 - Play music
  2. Step 2 - advert


 Closing the application and restarting is the only way I have found around the issue.


Additional information:

Artwork and artist/track name freezes after an ad plays on desktop



Hey folks!


Thanks for all your help.


As we haven't seen any new reports, we're going to mark this thread as "Closed" for now. If you're still having issues, can you try a clean reinstall for us? This has helped many users.


If after this, you're still having issues, can you let us know the following;


- Device

- Operating System

- Version of Spotify.






Happens for me too.  If I push play a bunch of times it gets through it but will hang the next time it comes up again.  Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't help.  Something is wrong with the ad and it's breaking spotify.  I think it happened once with a different ad but I don't remember which it was.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @thescrewjack and @jesilynkelts!


Thanks for bringing this up to our attention.


We've reported this to the relevant team to be looked into. We'll let you know as soon as we have any updates on this.


Stay tuned!


Funny how the ad for premium is currently doing exactly that...

Each an everytime the "Last week to get Premium for less" comes up, spotify stops for good.


Reading through numerous posts regarding spotify randomly stoping, I came across this one. Seeing the number of people complaining about the stoping problem even on premium, I think I'm off to find another streaming solution.


happens to me for a... vodafone ad, i think it is? really frustrating bc have to close & reopen every time. it reaches the end of the ad but refuses to play music, thinking the ad is still running.


Hey @stupidunik and @mienrah!


Thanks for letting us know about this. We'd love to pass this info over to our tech folks. Could you let us know your device, operating system, and Spotify version?


We'll get it reported 🙂


im using a lenovo laptop, windows 10 & version! thanks ❤️


Thanks @mienrah!


We've now passed that info on to the relevant folks 🙂


Hey guys! Thanks for your patience.


Our team is still looking into this. Hopefully we'll have updates soon.


Hey folks!


This is just a quick check-in to let you know the team are still on the case.

Please let us know if you have any new info, and we'll keep you up to date 🙂



I haven't experienced any hang since more than 3 weeks.