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Audio quality / Sound volume issues on Playstation 5 App

Hey folks!

We're aware of volume issues with the Spotify app on PS5 after a recent update, mainly that the volume output is too low. This is currently being investigated.


Hi everyone,


Thank you for your patience and input so far.


We're setting this issue to Not Right Now as we're unable to provide an exact timeline for a fix at this moment. However, rest assured this will remain on our internal teams' radar and we'll check back in here with a new status when we have any new information to share.


In the meantime, make sure to always keep the app up to date.


Take care.


I'm going to come to this thread daily and send this same message. Apologies to everybodies email notifications here, but Spotify is stealing your money by not providing you equal service amongst all devices and it's absolute **bleep**. I encourage every member in this thread to join me in posting on this thread daily, until the dev team uses their single collective braincell to outsource this job to somebody who actually knows what the **bleep** they are doing.


I’d post daily but I’m almost done with those ignorant and useless idiots.


People made 2-3 threads about this topic and devs replies and then switch the status to Not Right Now every time like they meant to do it but they don’t want to admit it.


my assumption is that they know they turned on the volume normalisation because of the low quality music issue on ps4/5 and they couldn’t fix it.


so in order to make the people to not notice it they lowered the volume and some idiots sent positive feedback when it was a total trash but the fact that the low volume made them think the quality of music got better when they can’t hear it clearly or even blast their heads and enjoy the music properly.



it’s both on devs and those ppl


Wait, this has been going on since 2022 and it remains unfixed? Spotify really are doing its best to completely ruin their service to the point nobody actually uses it. Devs are too lazy to fix the most basic of issues. I'm never getting premium.


EDIT: You know what? I'm sick of this company. I just deleted the app from my PS5 and I'm running a Plex server and just downloading all my music with torrents. nice work Spotifail.


The only way to get the devs to do anything about this is putting out more posts but that probably wont work since the devs look into the idea only after you get 50 likes on your post in the span of 3 month and we all know that the algorithm wont help with it its been at least 1 year and nothing has changed i dont even know when was the last time the spotify updated on ps5


So it's been just under a year since you completely ruined the app on playstation and lied about getting around to fix it, and you released an update today that once again did nothing. Thank you for increasing the price of monthly while being absolutely worthless. Apple music it is from now on.