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Audiobooks/Albums Show only first 50 tracks


iPhone X (2017)

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iOS 12.1.3

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Family Premium

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Dear Community, 

I listen to audiobooks on a daily basis. Since today afternoon, any audiobook shows only the first 50 tracks. 

When starting a track higher than „chapter 50“ from a WhatsApp-Link, it works. Still, the subsequent songs won‘t play and Spotify jumps to a random song between 1 and 50. 

Shuffle is off. And I didn‘t change any setting. 

 On a friend‘s iPhone XS everything works fine... comparing all settings we didn‘t find any differences. 

Someone got an idea? 




Hey folks,


This issue should now be fixed


If you're experiencing issues with playing audiobooks on iOS, make sure to head over here and adding yoru vote.




It happened to me today. Yesterday I listened to a book in the 200th without problem, today Spotify would not open any chapter on any book beyond 50 on my Iphone SE, not even on books I had downloaded and listened to before without problems.

If Spotify does not correct this problem immediately, I will opt out as a paying customer and make my feelings known on social media.


Superb, 1buck. The trick with a new playlist worked on my Iphone. Thanks!

Still a weak performance by Spotify.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey all,


We've noticed your reports of audiobooks only showing the first 50 tracks.


If you've tried a reinstallation but it's still happening, please click Vote and send over the following:


  1. Which device this is happening on
  2. OS and version
  3. Spotify version
  4. Example of an audio book

Looking forward to your reply 🙂


Where do I click "vote"?


edit: Sorry, I found it. 


I tried reinstallation unsuccessfully.



  • Which device this is happening on
    • Iphone X
  • OS and version
    • iOS 12.1.4
  • Spotify version
  • Example of an audio book
    • Andreas Föhr, Totensonntag (Ungekürzte Lesung) 2013



first of all, thanks for investigating this now @Guido


For some reason, I don't face the problem anymore - the App Design is back to the "old" one where e.g. "Share"-function is hidden behind the three dots in top right corner (see my screenshots in previous posts). All Audiobooks are now visible again.... Just weird that the moment I see more users replying in this forum, the issue gets solved on my phone.


My spotify is updated to

on Iphone X.



Exact same here. Now it works. Magic...


To Guido,


thank you for your involvement. I reinstalled Spotify. Now I have the following situation.

  1. Which device this is happening on: Iphone SE
  2. OS and version: iOS 12.1.4 (16D57)
  3. Spotify version: 8.4.98741
  4. Example of an audio book: Andreas Franz, Kalter **bleep** and others

Some Audio books work fine suddenly but now there are many books I cannot open at all. For example the book I was listening to (Andreas Franz, Kalter **bleep**) will not open. I only get the text message: 'Something went wrong'. When I try again, same result. -

PS.: I cannot find 'vote'



Status changed to: Under investigation

Hello everybody.


Issue should now be fixed. Could you please update the app and let us know what the result is?


Looking forward to your reply!


Have a nice day.

Perfect! It works again.

Thank you!

Hey there @HGri,


Thanks for keeping us in the loop!


Glad to hear the issue regarding seeing all audiobooks is fixed for you.


Keep in mind that there's a different Ongoing Issue regarding seeing an error message when trying to play audiobooks. In this case, we'd recommend heading over there and adding your +VOTE instead. It'd be also helpful if you could include the requested details in a comment in that thread.


On another note, to add your vote in the issue, simply tap the +VOTE button on the Ongoing Issue you want:image.png

Let us know how you get on 🙂