Auto Rotate to Landscape Stopped Working







Samsung Galaxy S8



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Starting this week, the app stopped auto rotating to landscape view on the current song page. On any other page, it works like normal and goes to landscape.


I have restarted my phone, reinstalled the app, and restarted again. No change.


Hey everyone, 


We really appreciate your reports on this.


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks have taken a look at this for you.


Right now, we're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify apps up-to- date to ensure you're on the latest and best version.



Hey there, I'm using version

Android version 8.0.0.


Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks,


Thanks for the examples you've provided so far, we really appreciate it. We're still working on this, but are not able to reproduce this, so we need more info. If you've already provided us with info, we kindly ask that you get back with the new info we're asking for below. 


First, there's a new version of the app available. We'd suggest following the steps here to make sure you're on the latest version. After that, make sure that your OS software is up-to-date. 


Once you've done so, let us know if it works, and please provide us with the following:

  • More specific info on what's happening. Example, does the app crash, or is it simply not rotating? If so, what sections of the app is auto-rotate not working/crashing the app? The "Now playing view", or all sections? 
  • Is auto-rotate working on other apps? Make sure auto-rotate is turned on.
  • Your Spotify version.
  • Device and OS.
  • A video showing us what happens.
  • When did this start.   

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Hi there, so regarding this auto
rotate problem. It started when you changed the interface design of the play and skip track buttons. They used to be outlined in white and now they are fully white.

When your browsing through your songs, album and playlists you are able to have your phone rotated with the app displaying correctly.

As soon as you press the now playing part to view the song it goes back to portrait view.


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Hi Jemi,


This has nothing to do with the OS.

My family has every version of Android from the latest all the way back to 4.2, and that is spread across over 10 different devices from different manufacturers.  They are all updated regularly and Spotify updates are generally installed within 24 hours of them being released.


Are you actually telling us that you can be listening to Spotify in landscape view and that you can click on the album view and Spotify just stays in landscape and shows you the album view?  I can't imagine that is the case.

Spotify used to do this just fine for several years running, but that ended almost a year ago from one update to the next when Spotify would suddenly crash out and black out the screen every time we tried to see album view in landscape.  And then when your programmers finally looked at it all they did was to enforce portrait view every time a user clicked on album view.  That means that regardless what the user had running in the background Spotify forced Android to disable landscape view and rotate the whole device view in order to see Spotify's album view in portrait mode. 

And the 3 things that are wrong with that solution are :

1 That is not a solution!  Removing landscape view is not a fix for landscape view.  

2 Many of your users do not have any option for viewing Spotify in portrait mode.  This includes people with windscreen vehicle mounts, built in Android head units, desktop kick stands, bluetooth keyboards with device holding slots, etc, etc, ETC.  I was on a plane a while back and there was a girl beside me listening to Spotify with her phone in the provided device holding slot of the seat back tray table.  Yup, you guessed it, forced into portrait and she had to tilt her head to the side every time she wanted to find a new song. 

3 When Spotify now forces a device into landscape it not only rotates Spotify....but also every other app and menu screen or notification or overlay that the user has.  So in order to read my Google Maps directions (for instance), I have to exit my sideways wonky looking portrait Spotify screen so that everything goes back to landscape, or I have to tilt my head on its side in order to read it.  Same goes for every single notification that pops up.  Emails, txts, emergency info, traffic warnings, weather warnings, etc, etc, thanks to Spotify they are all not readable while I drive.


So how about Spotify puts an approved bug fix/enhancement ticket against "FIX ANDROID LANDSCAPE MODE" before this gets any more embarrassing for a company the size of Spotify???


android v 8. 0

samsung galaxy s9

spotify version

all pages but now playing view are in landscape when it is a single window but interestingly 

landscape will work in split screen with 2 apps



edit:sorry guys I did thr drive link through my school account which restricts. this one should be open



Hey @ab523,


Thanks for providing us with that info.


Just requested access to the link you sent to the recording. Alternatively, could you upload the video and attach it to your reply?


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply.




 Sorry about that. I was doing the comment on my phone which wont allow me to upload direct which is why i did the link. I didnt do the link through the right account, but i've fixed and the link should now be open made the edit on my original comment.  I alow allowed anyone who did request on the old link to view  just in case. And here is the video direct. Thanks for your understanding. 


Hey @ab523,


Thanks for that, it's really helpful! We've passed your video on to the right team :) 


We will keep this thread updated. Have a great day!


4 months later the issue still continues but in a diffrent way.

Now the phone does not crash and the Spotify APP overrides whatever mode you forced from the Samsung OS rotate function.


Now I am able to rotate to landscape mode in the play screen when we can see the album or song cover. What worked before and now it doesn´t is the landscape mode in all any other menus. I can´t use landscape mode while I search a song or playlist for example.

It seems like they fixed one issue and createad others for some reasons.

Not sure what is the problem in using the entire app in landscape mode...


Any way, I switched to YouTube Music Premium and canceled Spotify Premium because of this issue. Migrated all the playlists and everything is working perfectly with their app so far. We can even see the videos if we want to or use the account from 2 devices at the same time.


If some day everything will go back to normal we might come back to Spotify.


Phone: Galaxy S9+

SO: Android 9 - ONE UI version 1.0

Spotify ver:

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4 months later the issue still continues but in a diffrent way.


4 month!  :D

Spotify started this all rolling with a new update released mid last year!

They are now close to celebrating a full year of just trying to make Spotify as good as it was in early 2018 when it actually had a fully functional landscape mode, and had already done so for a few years already.