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Auto Rotate to Landscape Stopped Working







Samsung Galaxy S8



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Starting this week, the app stopped auto rotating to landscape view on the current song page. On any other page, it works like normal and goes to landscape.


I have restarted my phone, reinstalled the app, and restarted again. No change.


Hey everyone, 


We really appreciate your reports on this.


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks have taken a look at this for you.


Right now, we're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify apps up-to- date to ensure you're on the latest and best version.






Spotify has just released 'Playlists For Your Pets' but we still can't have a fix for being able to even see the screen SAFELY while driving our cars????????????????????

Is this a joke, Spotify?????????????????

Thanks for fixing a problem that NOBODY HAD!!!!!

Seriously Spotify - who sets these priorities????????????


FYI everyone, Google just rewarded everyone in my family for having a family subscription to Google Play Music (who I had to subscribe to in order to have streaming music in my car again as Spotify clearly doesn't give a.... ) by sending us ALL a free Google Nest Mini!!!!!!

Yes, 5 in total, when we have just one $17/mo family subscription!

The last of 5 should arrive end of this week.


Thanks Spotify!  If it weren't for you I would have missed out on that!


@upx2 This is why I left Spotify and now I'm satisfied Google play music user. It has more benefits for the same price (YouTube without ads for example)

Spotify just needs to go nearly bankrupt to understand that satisfied user is important and by this topic they just say "you gave us money so now fk off and don't moan"




@Krynin come Spotify doesn't allow me to 'like' your post?  The option is literally missing.  We're only allowed to like positive comments about Spotify now?


2021....still no fix on this eh? Sounds about right. 


"2021....still no fix on this eh? Sounds about right."

Absolutely there is!


"YouTube Music"


Well, here I am on a Google Pixel 3 XL , everything is updated... and out of the blue, just yesterday, landscape mode refuses to work when I am in my car.   The phone goes into the new 'Car Mode' , but stays in portrait mode.  I've tried all settings, reinstalled app, and I'm still stuck with a Spotify that is no longer showing in landscape mode as it has for the past year or two 

My phone updates apps every night, or whenever i plug into power and connect to wifi.

Yesterday morning it was fine, and when I plugged my phone in to charge it around 1 pm yesterday (August 8th, 2021), the new 'Car Mode'  showed up with a new little round button just above the 'currently playing' song.  That hasn't appeared there before. But now that it is there, whether car mode is on, or off, it will NOT go into landscape mode.   Here's the odd part, the main playlist will show in landscape, but the second you click the 'currently playing' song with the controls, the entire thing returns to portrait.

Hopefully this is just a simple glitch and can be fixed soon since I spend a lot of time listening to music when I drive, and I like having the 'currently playing' song on display where the phone is mounted on the dash.


If you read back through this thread far enough you'll see it was very clearly communicated by Spotify that they simply don't have time to worry whether is is safe to be able to read your Spotify screen while you drive or not.
Thus the status "Not Right Now" which was assigned years ago.
I don't think there is anyone at Spotify who drives. 


One would certainly hope that Spotify makes it a priority for things like this, considering their 16% growth recently, and their quarterly revenue of $2.59 billion (USD).  But, seeing a years-old thread that is still not being fixed, is rather disheartening for sure.   When something worked 2 days ago, and only quit working due to some recent small update to 'car mode', it SHOULD be a simple fix, you would think.


2022 and still not here. 


Any news? I'm on a Galaxy S20. 


"2022 and still not here. 

Any news? I'm on a Galaxy S20. " has been years!  😁
And we have been very happily paying for YouTube Music Premium (previously called Google Play Music) for 2 years now instead of wasting money on Spotify Premium.
It works perfectly, and Google actually cares if their users can use the app safely.