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Auto Rotate to Landscape Stopped Working







Samsung Galaxy S8



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Starting this week, the app stopped auto rotating to landscape view on the current song page. On any other page, it works like normal and goes to landscape.


I have restarted my phone, reinstalled the app, and restarted again. No change.


Hey everyone, 


We really appreciate your reports on this.


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks have taken a look at this for you.


Right now, we're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify apps up-to- date to ensure you're on the latest and best version.




Just updated to latest version: and still not working (full delete and reinstall). Landscape not working and the phone still crashes and have to use the workaround in order to recover control.


Third update with no fix.

Just installed YouTube Music and suscribed to the 3 months Premium demo. It works fine in the car.

Tested Spoty in Huawei P8 Lite, iPhoneX, Galaxy S9, iPhone8+ and Galaxy Note8. Landscape not working in none of them so it looks like the company for some reason droped this feature from their APP.


I have just updated to the latest version and landscape mode still does not work  


Hey everyone, 


We can see that there's a newer version of the app available. We'd suggest performing a reinstall to make sure you are on the latest version. If that doesn't help and the issue persists, let us know the Spotify version you end up with. 




Nope. Still not working. 



I did a reinstall and it still won't go into landscape mode whilst playing a song. 


Hi Katerina,

I installed the latest update from Tues/Wed and it tested no different at all.  It crashed the screen so bad that I had to reboot the device because there is no way to even close Spotify.  Is there anything else that you want us to try?
It has been about 5 months and many many Spotify updates down the track of waiting for Spotify to essentially just un-do something that used to work perfectly fine.  In the history of using Android devices (as an Android developer) I have never come across a bug in an app that could repeatably crash a device across a range of devices that is so severe that the device needed to be rebooted to get regular device function back...yet it hasn't seemed to have even attracted their attention.   HOW BAD ARE THEIR 'BIG PROBLEMS'????

I'm definitely losing faith in Spotify's ability to overcome this.

Really would love this fixed, makes no sense in viewing your songs in landscape only to view the song you are playing it doesn't work, only in portrait. Dumb. 


This morning's update - no change.  Our kids are now running Youtube music instead as they don't have to be careful not to turn their phones on it's side and crash the device.  Makes me wonder what they could possibly be fixing with all of the updates that they do if they can't even prioritize hanging the last several years worth of high end Samsung models???  Giving up now though, I think.  Enough is enough.  


I have the same issue for a while now and it is rather annoying. Hope it will be fixed soon


  • Device(s) and OS version: Samsung Galaxy S9, Android 8.0.0
  • Spotify version:

Just updated to newest version 8.4.81. 558. Still does not rotate when current song is choosen but the black box has disappeared. So maybe the crashing phones will have been fixed? 


Hey there @Ninotschka@dbongard and @Nico552,


We understand the importance of being able use the app in landscape mode, and we want to assure you that we're still looking into this.


In that case, if you haven't already, please make sure to leave a comment with your device and operating system version so we can pass it on to the right folks.


We'll let you know as soon as we have any updates. Thanks!