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Autoplay not working on iOS devices

We've received reports that Autoplay has stopped working on iOS devices. This issue is currently under investigation.

Hey folks!


We made some changes backstage and this should now be fixed for everyone!
Only make sure your apps are up to date 🙂

My Spotify auto play doesn't work on my iPhone 14. I have followed the solution of a user who has previous encountered the issue in this article []. However the problem still persists.

I have deduced that it may be some fault of my device [iPhone 14] as auto play works on the Mac application of Spotify.

I have tried turning autoplay on and off, hard reinstalled Spotify [with deleting saved songs], cleared my cache, tried using the app on wifi or mobile data, turned off power saver mode. Yet the problem still hasn't been resolved.

I cannot seem to figure out what causing this issue.
Spotify'ı bilgisayar ve telefonumda ayrı ayrı kullanıyorum. Bilgisayarda otomatik çalmada bir sorun yaşamıyorken telefonda şarkı geçişi yapmıyor. Müziği telefonumda açık tutup bilgisayarda geçiş yapmaya çalışsam da olmuyor. Kısacası hiçbir şekilde sorun çözülemiyor. Tekrar indirdim, önbelliği temizledim her şeyi yaptım ancak yine de olmuyor. Sorunun hemen çözülmesini talep ediyorum aksi taktirde hesabımı sileceğim. İyi günler
As of today, the autoplay feature is not working on my Spotify app. I reach the end of the playlist and it stops playing music. I have tried turning the feature off and back on, clearing the cache, logging out and back in, uninstalling and installing the app. I have a Google Pixel 6a.

Autoplay is not working. I’ve followed all instructions from this community - I turned it on and off, I logged out 4 times, I cleared the cache, I deleted and re-downloaded, I’ve turned shuffle on and off and I’ve updated the app on all devices. Autoplay isn’t working on either iPhone 12 plus or MacBook. 






iphone 12 plus 


I am facing the same issue, literally nothing is working, I’m so done with this app😭


im facing the same issue on my iphone 13 


I also facing the same issues on my iphone 11 it is so annoying and i did everything to fix it. It works fine on my ipad maybe because i didnt updated spotify on it. This was the only reason i was still using this app over youtube.


Right! It’s one problem after the other. I checked on Twitter it’s not an isolated incident loads of people are complaining about it too


Hopefully they fix it by the morning 


I’m having the same problem, I’ve tried everything but without any success. But is it a general issue?