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Autoplay not working

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We're receiving reports that Autoplay isn't working.


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We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


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Autoplay is not working on iPhone. I tried a clean reinstall and still nothing. 







Iphone 8 plus

Operating System



My Question or Issue

Autoplay isn't working. I have tried enabling and disabling, clearing cache and data, uninstalling and reinstalling and it still isn't working


My just-found workaround is you play a song from the search like normal, then go to settings/playback and toggle autoplay off then on (of course while the song is still playing back).  Your autoplay should come back to function now.


The problem is you may need to do this intermittently, but at least it takes much less steps.


Autoplay is not working on my iPhone.

You can force it to work by toggling on and off the option, but you have to do this each and every time.

It's very frustrating.

The default setting is always "Repeat"

Every time I play a new song it just repeats it by default.


Is there any update on this?

I have the very latest Spotify app as of April 2022.

If I ever select a song to play... it defaults to "repeat" every time.

If I want Autoplay, it has to be manually toggled off and on every time.






South Africa


Iphone SE MkI

Operating System



Tried a clean reinstall and other suggested methods, autoplay not working. 


Please fix it


I’m having the autoplay issue on my iPad Pro (iPadOS 16.2) (latest Spotify app) using airplay to my Bose speakers


A few days ago, I made a clean install of newly released iOS 16.2 on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and reinstalled every app from the scratch including Spotify, which is now at version  I then tested autoplay for nearly two full days, play songs from search only and, to my surprise, autoplay functioned properly now.  No unexpected stop after the first song finished playing at all.  I believe this has nothing to do with neither the clean install nor the update of iOS 16.2 but the update of Spotify itself.


I'm happy to say autoplay does work now but I really want to know what's the cause of this long overdue issue.  It stops working on my iPhone for nearly 9 months.  Don't know if android users get autoplay back to normal but I wanna know about iOS users.  Does autoplay work for you now?  Thank Spotify anyway for addressing this even though it takes a bit long.


I have the same problem like this. My autoplay is not working. And I have tried everything suggested by the community even redownloaded the application it still doesn’t work.