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BMW Safety Note - BMW Logo to Large on iPhone SE on

Status: Fixed



Finnally you have brought back the BMW Logo when Spotify enters the Driving Safety message while driving in the car in version The new safety message is not optimized for iPhone SE screen size on iOS 11.1.2. See attached picture. Please fix


Hey @romkus,


We appreciate the report that this is now fixed for you with version of the app.


The reason this might still occurring on the 6s Plus is because of the enlarged font being enabled. Be sure to change this setting and perform a clean reinstallation on this device, too. This should fix it there, too.



Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @horgster, welcome to the community!


Thanks for reaching out to us, we'll do our best to help you out.


Let's try reinstalling Spotify since a new update is currently rolling out. Let us know if the same happens whith the new Spotify version.


We'll be right here waiting 🙂


After deleting and reinstalling the app, same issue occurs 🙂



Just to confirm, could you send us the Spotify version you're using right now? Also, let's make sure your infotainment system doesn't have any pending updates.


In the meantime, do you happen to have a different iOS device you could use to see if the same issue occurs?


Keep us posted.


After deleting and reinstalling the app, I am running version

Problem still exist on my iPhone SE.
Remember that iPhone SE has smaller screen eq iPhone 5 chassis.

No I do not have another iPhone to test with.
Status changed to: Need more info

Thanks for the update @horgster.


Were you able to see if there were any firmware updates available for your infotainment system? If not, take a look to see if there's an update you can install.


If so, let us know if the update makes a difference.


No there is not any new version available for my BMW!

This was working back in the version 7 of this app! Just saying, but You guys removed this and added it back again 🙂

Hey @horgster,


Thanks for the details so far!


Before we report this to our devs, we'd just like to find out some final pieces of info.


  • What model of vehicle do you drive?
  • Are you still able to tap the 'Dismiss' button on this screen?

Once we have this, we'll pass it onto the right folks, who can investigate.


Yes the «Dismiss» button works.

I am driving BMW 118i 2015 modell
Status changed to: Under investigation

We appreciate all the extra info.


Just so you're aware, this has now been reported to the tech team, who'll investigate.


Stay tuned for more info from our end; if you see any updates to your app or device in the meantime, make sure you do them.




Yes i Will!

Also why did Spotify remove the thumbnails photo of albums in playlist and playlist thumbnails?

Reading text while driving is very unsafe when scrolling for songs on the entertainmentsystem..

This was working in version 7 of Spotify app....