BMW integration with 3.0.0 iOS app

Hey folks, 


Users have reported getting the error below when using the BMW integration with the 3.0.0 Spotify iOS app. 


Please know we are on the case and we will let you know here as soon as we have an update. Thanks everyone!


error bmw.png

Hey everyone, our 3.1.0 update for iOS is rolling out today. Once you've installed the update this issue with BMW integration should be sorted for you. Thanks for your patience while we fixed this for you all. 

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So can we conclude that Spotify wants us to switch to Deezer, Juke or any other streaming audio provider?


I bought a car which supposed to have Spotify integration. It is a major selling point of BMW. Now we need wait for weeks, without any update.

I understand that things take time, however not communicating with your (paying!) install base about progress of this serious bug is just not how a company of Spotify's magnitude and reputation should behave. In SW development land, they would call these kind of issues a 'show stopper'. I guess Spotify leaves the testing part up to their customers....


Dear All, I have fixed my problem. I got a subscription with Deezer (, with the advantage that hopefully soon will also migrate their Hi Fi system to the premium as well (currently only for Sonos users), the I went to and within 10 minutes all my playlists from Spotify where imported in to Deezer. Deeper works like a charm and I don't know if it is just me, or I have been too long without Spotify in my car that I think Deezer sounds better in my BMW and Mini. I hope this is useful to everyone else.


Perfect,   Guess on top of my car, iPod, now I have to go buy Sonos speakers that I do not need to so I can sign of for Deezer.     What a waste.   I would sign up for Deezer in a heartbeat if I didn't have to go drop another $200+ on speakers.


Spotify should put 2.9 back in the Apple store until 3.0 is fixed.    


 IFIyEM  you don't have to buy Sonos speakers.. Deezer has a premium serivce just like Spotify, but they also have a HiFi subscription that only works with sonos.. Quality is Losseless vs 320Kb. 


When I go to I get redirected to a page that says they are coming to the United States soon. ??? 




I got this reply from Deezer:


Realiana Leary (Deezer Support)

11 May, 22:24


Thank you for contacting Deezer.

Deezer is currently only available in the US through our partnerships with Bose, Sonos and Cricket. You can find the terms of each of these offers on the front page of our website. Although we do plan to expand our service in the US in the near future, we do not have an estimated date for the launch at this time.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.


This is getting ridiculous! No information, false promises and paying users get held back. I'm outta here ...

Normally in my job, a promise like "we're working on it " without an expected delivery date means nothing. Could you please let us jnow WHEN you'te expecting this fix ready?

Hi @meahtenoha& Spotify support,


Adding my voice as another affected user. Please can we have an update ASAP. I have also made contact on the @SonusCares twitter account, be aware they are advising that users come to this forum thread for updates. Which have been lacking for a week or so now.




Hey everyone, 


Thanks for your patience while we work on this for all of you. We don't have a current update for when 3.0.1 will be released but we will keep you all informed here. We apologize for any inconvenience, please know we are taking steps to ensure that this type of issue does not happen again.