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[BUG][ANDROID]Storage usage reported incorrectly

I am having exactly the same issue as that was originally reported here


Have spotify cache installed to the SD card that is in the phone and spotify is reporting it to internal memory as well as SD card for downloaded data. 


I have tried to formatting the SD (it's new), reinstalling, only downloading extreme quality, none of which fixes the issue. 


This is before downloading any music


Before downloadingBefore downloadingBefore DownloadingBefore Downloading

This is after downloading music. 


After DownloadingAfter DownloadingAfter DownloadingAfter DownloadingAfter DownloadingAfter Downloading



Hey folks,


Thanks for the reports.


We don't have a time frame for a fix, but we can confirm the tech team are looking into this. Hopefully we'll have an update for you all soon. 


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I'm having the same problem Galaxy s7 Edge. I have the app reading that storage is set to, and using 3.2GB worth of the SD card. When I go to my phone storage information it says spotify is using 3.26GB of internal storage. There are also no files associated with spotify found when I do a search on my internal (local) storage. 


Very frustrating as once the system thinks the internal memory is 'full' it won't allow any other app installs or downloads yet the internal memory isn't actually full it's just being reported wrongly. 

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey guys!


To get started, could you let us know what device (model), Android version and Spotify version you're using?


Let's try the following:


  • Go to System Settings
  • Go to "Apps"
  • Find Spotify there
  • On Spotify's page, first, tap "Force Close"
  • Then tap "Clear cache" if it's not greyed out.
  • Then tap "Unninstall" and remove the app.
  • After uninnstalling, power off your device.
  • If you can, remove the battery now. Power back on.
  • Using a file manager on your phone or with your USB cable and your computer, go to Internal Storage > Android > Data and delete a folder called
  • Reinstall Spotify from Google Play.

Keep us posted!


OK I am using a samsung Galax S8 Plus. Model SM-G955F with android version 7.0


I've done as you have suggested. Only thing is after uninstalling spotify the folder you have suggested doesn't exist on the internal memory or the SD card. Screenshot_20170526-070535.pngScreenshot_20170526-070518.pngScreenshot_20170526-070746.png


 After reinstalling spotify it is doing the same thing. The data is being stored to the SD card but is being reported to the OS as being installed to both the internal memory and the SD card.




Thanks for the extra info @jamesslane!


It might be possible that the cache got duplicated in your phone, thus occupying more space. No worries, you can try removing all the offline devices in your account here, followed by a clean reinstall with these steps. This should help with the problem.


Let us know how it goes.





I've just tried that, removing all devices from account. Uninstalling via your instructions and the app is still reporting the downloaded music to the internal storage as well as the external SD card. 



Same problem here, exact same issues so i won't explain it since its the exact same as above. S7 Edge. From going through all these threads, it seems most common in samsung phones. Anyway, book marking for a fix. Until then, I have to actually delete music or my phone won't operate properly. 


Thanks for trying @jamesslane!


It's not cool that this continues to happen. Another thing to try could be restoring the SD card or looking for any errors in it. Make sure to do a backup of the SD card info before doing it.


If it still happens, we'll try to gather as much info as possible to report it.


Keep us posted.


I've tried reformatting the card a few times and have tried a couple of different cards. 1 32gb and 1 128gb. Let me know what info is required so that we can get a fix on this


Thanks for letting us know!


We'd recommend downloading the playlists for Offline Mode using a different Internet connection. Let us know if it makes any difference.


Have a nice day 🙂