[BUG][ANDROID]Storage usage reported incorrectly

I am having exactly the same issue as that was originally reported here


Have spotify cache installed to the SD card that is in the phone and spotify is reporting it to internal memory as well as SD card for downloaded data. 


I have tried to formatting the SD (it's new), reinstalling, only downloading extreme quality, none of which fixes the issue. 


This is before downloading any music


Before downloadingBefore downloadingBefore DownloadingBefore Downloading

This is after downloading music. 


After DownloadingAfter DownloadingAfter DownloadingAfter DownloadingAfter DownloadingAfter Downloading



Hey folks,


Thanks for the reports.


We don't have a time frame for a fix, but we can confirm the tech team are looking into this. Hopefully we'll have an update for you all soon. 


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Hi Jim


A clean reinstall has been tried many times as part of the diagnosis. 


Samsung S8+

Android 7.0



Thanks for looking into it. 

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@jamesslane No worries!


Thanks for the heads up. We hope to have an update soon.



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sure thing... 




Can confirm that I am having the exact same issue. Haven't gone through all of the troubleshooting yet like @jamesslane, but I can only assume it will be pointless. Clearly there's something buggy with the code. 


Couldn't update Hearthstone today because my phone is "full" 😞

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any updates? 


Hi again @jamesslane, we're still working on this with the devs backstage. Could you confirm if the file sizes are exactly the same within internal memory and on the SD Card?

And hi @DjamesUnchained, thanks for reaching out! We'd recommend following all the troubleshooting steps in the status, just to be sure if it does or doesn't resolve it for you. If you could also let us know your:

  • Device
  • Version of Android
  • Version of Spotify

That'd be great to get that info from you. Keep us posted!

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@Jack - Give or take a few MB's the size is prett much the same. It's storing them onto the memory card but reporting them to the OS as being stored on the internal memory. 


Thanks @jamesslane for that info - we've passed this info onto our tech team who are still looking into this as we speak. 


Just to check, you mentioned in the original post that you're downloading in Extreme Quality. If you change the streaming and downloading quality both back to Automatic or High, does this affect things?


We'd recommend going back to this menu in your Settings and trying both on Automatic. 


Keep us posted.

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@Jack - I suppose let the pictures do the talking. There is no automatic setting for download so i've just chosen normal quality. 


It's still doing the same thing as you can see. 




Hey @jamesslane,


Thanks for sending those over. We've let the tech folks know, so hopefully we'll have an update to share soon.

In the meantime, feel free to give us a shout if you have any questions or updates.