[BUG][MAC] Spotify fails to register Magic Mouse clics (2)

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My previous report got closed for inactivity because my answer would just disappear after a few minutes for some reason... I repost it here with the additional info asked by Spotify:



When Magnet (a widely used windows management app, ranked in Apple's top productivity apps) is running on the mac, Spotify will fail to register most of the clics from an Apple Magic Mouse.

The UI 'mouse down' effects are triggered, but the linked action will not happen.


The exact same issue happened to Google Chrome for months and was finally fixed in v63.!msg/chrome/RTwyyAhUA88/VtsEJ-slBwAJ 



More info:

  • It happens only when using an Apple Magic Mouse
  • It happens only with Spotify (it used to happen in Chrome too, but Google fixed it in v63. Magnet did not update anything)
  • UI 'mouse down' effects are triggerred, but not the linked action unless you click 2 to 5 times most of the time.
  • Magnet is used by a LOT of people. It's been in Apple's top apps for ages.


Let me know if you need more info  (I hope that my comments will not disapear on this post after a few minutes like in my previous post)


Thanks for your help !



Hey there, @quentinhyt


Thanks again for reporting this.

We can confirm the tech team are aware of this now, and looking into it.  

We don't have an exact timeframe for a fix, but if we have anything to share we'll keep you updated here.

In the meantime, we'd recommend keeping everything up-to-date and we appreciate you bearing with us 🙂




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Hey @quentinhyt, thanks for the info!


Does the same thing happen when cliking on the web player? In the meantime, it's woth reinstalling the app following these simple steps.


Let us know how it goes 🙂


Thanks @William_13,


Web player is not affected and reinstalling the client doesn't fix the issue.

However I noticed the following: right clicks always work correctly and left click in contextual menus (opened with a right click) will always work too.


Cheers 🙂


Thanks for letting us know.


Do you have any trouble with clicks on any other app besides Spotify? Also, do you have any trouble at all when Magnet is disabled?


Let us know. 




Only Spotify is affected (Google Chrome used to be, but Google fixed it with v63).

There is NO issue when Magnet is NOT running (app killed, ignoring Spotify in Magnet settings is not enough).


Also, after more testing it appears that the following elements are NOT affected by the issue:

 - sliders (transport and volume) will always slide,

- dropdowns (language selection, startup behavior...) will always drop down,

- text inputs (search bar, proxy settings) will always get focus


I hope that helps, have a great day ! 🙂


Thanks for all the info! 


We'd like to know a bit more of what exactly is going on. Could you send over a video showing the exact steps to recreate the issue on your device? 


We'll take a closer look.



Here you go!

You'll see how  all the mouse clicks trigger mousedown UI effects but some fail to trigger the action.

At the end of the video I shut Magnet down. You'll see that everything will be back to normal.

(Demo effect: the fail rate is lower than usual today 😮 )

Cheers !


Thanks for the video!


We'll let our team know about this so they can look into it. In the meantime, we'd just like to know if it has ever worked 100% when using this extension?


Let us know


I've been using Magnet for several years now. I use Spotify all day everyday and it used to work 100% until then.



Hey @quentinhyt!


We've sent a report with this info on to the right team.


We'll let you know as soon as we have an update.


Stay tuned.

Status changed to: Under investigation



As the right folks are looking into this now, we're moving this thread to Under Investigation so that we can keep you up-to-date if there's any news!


We appreciate you bearing with us, and we hope to have some more info soon.


Thanks, and stay tuned 🙂