Bixby Assistant not playing music on Spotify

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The Netherlands


Samsung Galaxy S10

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

Hey, I can't add Spotify to the bixby program list as stated in the tutorial. Any help?

Hey all,


Thanks for all of the info.


We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this. We don't have an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app.


Reinstalled and still have same issue.


Spotify does not appear in the list of apps compatible with Bixby.


Samsung S10e (SM-G970F)


Spotify -


Hey there folks,


There's a newer version of the app available. Just to confirm, could you make sure to update the Spotify app on your Samsung devices and let us know if the issue persists after that? 


If it does, it'd be very helpful confirming in a comment the Spotify version you end up with as well as your device and its OS version. We'll make sure to pass this on to the right teams.




Saime here still not working with bixby



All the assumptions are not true.

1. I have a Premium Spotify account in Malaysia.

2. I have Bixby and Spotify on both my Note 9 and S10+

3. All my devices are set to English language. 

4. I have the Spotify card available on my Note 9 Bixby but unavailable on my S10+.

So, it's Bixby on S10 that has a problem. 


Try these steps/go to -

Settings - Apps - Spotify - Storage - Clear Cache - Clear Data - Uninstall - Reinstall.

It works with my S10+



Have the same problem, with a samsung galaxy s9. Also from the Netherlands. Reinstalling didn't work


Hey folks,


Thanks for bearing with us while we looked into this.


We recommend that you reach out to Samsung Support about this issue and chase it up with them - just head here.


Keep us posted and let us know how it goes!


@Teddy-Suriya wrote:






Samsung Galaxy S10

Operating System

Android Pie




My Question or Issue

 I can not find Spotify service in Bixby so I can not get Bixby to work with it. There are many online tutorial show how to do it.

1) Go to Bixby service section.

2) Select Spotify service and

3) On my S10, I cannot even see it being listed in Bixby service section.

Every time I ask Bixby to play music it will push me to use Samsung Music instead. I need to find a way to connect Spotify Connect/account to Bixby. I still can ask Bixby to open spotify using opening app command but it can not play/control spotify.


Please help.

Same problem with my note9 bixby


Dispositivo samsung Galaxy S8+

Version de Spotify


Spotify no aparece en la lista de aplicaciones  compatibles con bixby


This answer from the moderator solves nothing, just send you to Samsung webpage in order to complain or ask them, but without a solution from Spotify.