Blank and clear window screen after windows update

Hey Y'all,

I updated windows 4 days ago to version 1803, but my spotify fails to decently run. It shows a clear see through screen at startup and seems to keep whatever programm used to be in the background. I've attached 2 screenshots to show what I mean.

The buttons to close the programm etc. still work, even they don't show. And the screen turns completely black when I click the maximize button. 


I've tried:

- Restart

- Reinstall (multiple times, even the offline installer)

- windows safe mode

- updating drivers

- Removing Drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller and installing the latest driver for my GPU (Geforce 710m)

- running command "%APPDATA%\Spotify\spotify.exe --disable-accelerated-layers --disable-accelerated-fixed-root-background"


Hey all,

Just you're aware, we've moved this thread into our Ongoing Issues section. Our developers are aware of this happening for a few users.


We've noticed those users experiencing the same issue as described, so we've moved it here with the 'Needs More Info' status.

We'd like to know:


  • What your device’s make / model is
  • What Windows software version the device is on
  • What app version you’re running

We’d also like to know if the following troubleshooting steps have been tried:


  • Restarting the device
  • If a clean reinstall has been tried
  • If you’ve tried it in Windows Safe Mode
  • If the drivers need updating

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I have the same issue, even windows app has the same issue, no idea what happened


using intel hd520, so it's not related to our graphic card, it is something in windows


Yeah, I forgot to mention that I tried the windows store app too.

And I just tried just running integrated graphics, but no luck.


Same problem here after updating windows 10. Worked fine before ?! Lenovo YOGA in my case...


I have the same issue,using surface pro 4


I have the same issue.

I've tried the Spotify webiste's download and the Windows store download and neither work. I've tried a full reinstall and running in compatibility mode but still with no luck.



I was just continuing with my business as usual, when I accidently clicked on Spotify.

It prompted me to login, so it seems like it has been fixed. It must have updated or something.

not for me, still having the same issue

I have the same problem since updating to 1803.  I have a surface pro 4.  Tried both store and download from spotify :(


I have the exact same problem! Except it's with spotify and mailbird. Anyone have a fix yet?

Casual Listener

I disabled hardware acceleration in the spotify menu (top-left menu > view > hardware acceleration) and it solved the problem immediately for me.