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Blank playlists (XBox One)

Today I opened the Xbox One app and found that while my playlists are theoretically present in the Your Music tab none of them will load.  When I attempt to open one, no songs are listed and the screen below the header is blank.


I have Spotify Premium, so I'm a bit annoyed by a service I'm paying for not being accessible.  Anyone know of this issue?  Suggestions for a fix would be appreciated.


Hey folks,


This should now be fixed. If it's still not working, do the following:

  1. Log out and log back in
  2. Restart the Xbox One console
  3. Reinstall the app

We're closing this one for now 🙂








Xbox One, Samsung Galaxy J5, PS4

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My Question or Issue

 Hi, I am currently unable to access my personal playlists via the 'Your Music' section using the Xbox One app. I can access my playlists via the 'Your Connect' option but I used to be able to access my playlists just by starting up the app on the console but suddenly prevented me from accessing them since yesterday Friday 24th August. Please can you help. 


To confirm I can access my playlists on the PS4, Laptop and Smartphone, but cannot access from the Xbox One app.


For seemingly no reason I can no longer open my playlists on the Xbox One Spotify app. I am logged in and can see my playlists, however upon clicking one of them to listen, to screen goes empty, leaving just the background and tabs. I can interact with my tabs and current song (provided i've connected my mobile), but there is seemingly no playlist. Other strange things occur with playlists, such as the fact that searching up any of my playlists results in an empty screen aswell and certain playlists that I have previously visited also go empty. Any Ideas?


I'm having the same issues. Everything was fine until a few days ago. It's extremely frustrating. I've tried many ways to fix it but nothing seems to work. 


I'm having the same exact issue. Their preloaded playlists that they suggest work just fine, but mine will lead me to a blank screen. Nothing I do works... This really sucks, cause I use my playlists so much. Hopefully @spotify will solve this issue soon, cause if not they will lose this premium subscriber permanently...


Update: I found a way around it. You start by playing one of their suggested/preloaded playlists on the browse section. Then connect your phone so you can skip and stuff from your phone. Afterwards from your phone, find the playlist you want to hear, play a song, and boom you're in. The screen stays blank on the xbox side, but you'll have control through your phone. Hope this helps! Good luck!


Yep same here, I select My Favorites playlist for example and it is empty, if you go to another album outside your "My playlists" it opens without issues.


Same issue. Not a premium subscriber, but the same issue as described. 





Xbox One


My Question or Issue

 When I go to my "Your Music" section it shows everytthing normally but when I try to open a Playlist it's completely blank



Same thing has been happening to me, only way I found around it is by searching your playlist name on the app and playing it from there. 

Thanks for the advice but I don't want to use my phone every time I use
Spotify on my xbox. I want things back to normal.

Yep, me too, tried everything.