Blends not working

Status: Fixed

We're seeing posts that existing Blend playlists can't be accessed anymore and that folks are also unable to accept new Blend invitations.  Reports also mention that the app just goes back to the Home page or gets a loading screen after clicking on the invite button.  This is happening on both iOS and Android devices.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


The initial cause for blends not working has been resolved.


We're seeing a mix of several different reports here, so we'd recommend that raise them in separate threads so they can be looked at on their own merit.




I Live in Brazil (south America ) 

I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 pro and I have a couple Spotify plan 

I think I found the reason bc this happened, 

When I created the blend playlist I was listening on my desktop.

Then I shut-off my Spotify session on my desktop

Then try again with another person and it works. But 

The person who I already make the blend playlist while I was listening on my desktop is bugged and I can't see neither the person, even if i delete the playlist and/or the match 

Sorry for my English 







Hey @t-uop_qpzlsu,


Thanks for your post and feedback to the Community.


Can you confirm if you're still experiencing this issue after updating and reinstalling the app on all your devices? You and the other person can follow the steps in the status of this thread and perform a thorough clean reinstall of the apps on all your platforms, to try and see if this makes any difference for your Blend experience. 


We'll be keeping an eye out for your reply, thanks!


I can confirm, still having the issue of the playlist not registering as a playlist.

  • Galaxy s8 + android 9
  • Turkey
  • premium
  • clean reinstall of app

I don’t even see the option under Made For [My Name].  Did this feature get moved?  Is there any documentation that is correct that shows where I’m supposed to activate it? 

Under Made For [My Name] I don’t even have an option to add a blend.  

Have already reinstalled the app and posted the details up thread.  


I am having the same issue. 



Premium Duo






Redmi Note 9 ProWeb Browser, Windows Desktop


Operating System

Android 11, Windows 10


App version 


Issue and troubleshooting

I joined a blend playlist with my brother and had no issue at all. I then invited my partner to another blend playlist, he was able to join and see the screens with the compatibility %. Neither of us has been able to load the playlist though, I didn't even get to the intro cards when I opened the push notification. 

The playlist loads indefinitely when attempting to access it on the app, while on desktop I get the error message "Playlist can't be found" after a while.

I've tried deleting the cache and uninstalling the app but nothing has worked.


13/12 UPDATE: we're finally able to access the playlist


Same problem as @Sciain here,

my first blend playlist worked like a charm, the second one loads indefinitely. Both on my account and on my and on the other account.

I also tried deleting the cache and reinstalling the app.


I have an iPhone with the newest iOS on iPhone XR, and this happened to me today too! I have premium.

The playlist is in the library but does not actually exist. I can therefore not delete and re-blend if. I did a clean reinstall and it did not work

  • device + OS version - Google Pixel 4a + Android
  • exact Spotify version - the newest one; deleted and re-installed the app today
  • country - USA
  • your subscription type - Premium
  • a list of the troubleshooting steps tried - tried to resend the link for the Blend pkaylist; tried a clean reinstall of the app after clearing app data and cache from device

The original blend that I tried to make is visible but can't be selected. It just shows a loading screen. I tried making a blend with someone else and the Wrapped Blend 2021 and our Blend playlist generated right away. I really am hoping to figure out how to make my first Blend work.



Premium Duo




Galaxy S10e


Android 11


I was able to make a blend playlist with two of my friends, after a fair bit of trouble (had to click the link about 4 times each). Been trying to make one with my partner for the better part of an hour now, and it's leading me straight to the homescreen each time. We've both clean reinstalled Spotify and turned off battery optimising, nothing's changed 😞

Env: prod