Bluetooth Controller in car doesnt skip tracks anymore



i have a A2 Lite  with Android 9 and since i have the  mobile phone,

my BT Media controller on my steeling wheel cannot skip any tracks on my mobile , wich is connected to my carradio. Without beeing connected to my car, the BT controller works fine.


I´ve deleted the App Chace, reinstalled it, and Spotify has all permissions. 

Anyone else with this issue?


Hey folks,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us.


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.


Thanks again!


Hi everyone, I think I managed to fix this issue myself as i'd had a similar problem with my philips hue equipment. All I did was remove any link between my google and spotify account then add it again and it is working in my car.


In google account settings there will be a section i think under secruity which is third party services that use your account or are linked, do the same on spotify if you can.


Car:  2020 Subaru Forester Limited
Phone:  iPhone 12 w/iOS 14.4.1
Spotify Version:

Spotify works perfection when playing on iPad or iPhone, but when I connect my iPhone 12 via BlueTooth to the car's infotainment system, it will not let me use the ">>" button to skip to the next track.  When I touch the >> button on the infotainment screen, it starts skipping through every song on the playlist, without even playing a sound bite from each.  Pressing the "||/>" button on screen has no effect.

The only way I have found to deal with this, is to pull over, turn the car off, & use my phone to advance to the next track, restart the car . . . not an ideal solution!!


Any hope or ideas for resolution to this new problem?

  • OnePlus 7
  • Pro Android Q (Android 10)
  • The steering wheel controls don't work over Bluetooth (can't skip tracks using steering wheel controls) when I'm listening to music. Everything is checked from my own steering wheel controls they work, in FM, but not for Spotify. And of course, the rest of the list is completely checked.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G [ SM-G781B/DS ]

Android version 11

Samsung One UI version 3.1

Spotify version


I recently switched from a Huawei Mate 9 phone to the Samsung Galaxy phone referenced above. 


With the Huawei, I connected to my Car's BT and was able to launch and control a playlist with the steering wheel controls.   It also displayed the Car mode interface on my phone.


Since I switched to the Samsung device and connected to the car's BT, I can no longer control the playlist from the car's steering controls. The car mode interface on my phone has to be manually invoked.  The playlist only plays on the car's speakers after a  "play" + "pause" + "play" maneuver on the phone interface.  If I press the "next track or previous track on the steering wheel controls the music stops and cannot be restarted.


I also run Amazon Music on the Samsung phone and the steering wheel controls do control the playlist tracks as expected.  This leads me to believe that the issue is with a setting in the Spotify App.  I have restarted the phone and reinstalled the app several times. 


Can someone advise me of a solution?  Thanks!