Bluetooth Controller in car doesnt skip tracks anymore



i have a A2 Lite  with Android 9 and since i have the  mobile phone,

my BT Media controller on my steeling wheel cannot skip any tracks on my mobile , wich is connected to my carradio. Without beeing connected to my car, the BT controller works fine.


I´ve deleted the App Chace, reinstalled it, and Spotify has all permissions. 

Anyone else with this issue?


Hey folks,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us.


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.


Thanks again!

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After it makes a connection and attempts to play a songs via blutooth, with no sound coming out, I get logged out on my iphone app by my new pioneer AVH 1440NEX radio, then I can't log back in to the spotify app. I remain locked out most of the day. I've tried all suggestions of reinstall, restarting... I log in through facebook usually, which is no problem on desktop and after it allows me to login again on iphone later. After updating the firmware on my radio to 6-25 date version the spotify app on radio does not work at all. This mobile app problem happens with bluetooth. It doesn't matter if I try to use apple car play because I can't login to spotify. Should I unlink facebook account -would that help with login? How can I avoid this lock out? It say "Login fail, something went wrong, try again later". I bought this very capable nice stereo to work with my spotify downloaded playlist and it won't work. I can get it to work occasionally but the next day it will be disfunctional again and I'm locked out. 

New iphone Xr 12.3.1 Os

Most recent updated spotify version on iphone. 


I have been having the same issue here as well. The only difference that has happened since it started is I have 2 Spotify icons on my phone now instead of one when I'm in the car, and one of them is for "Spotify Connection" to Waze. I don't even have Waze on my phone, but it thinks it's connected. I have uninstalled, reinstalled so many times, unchecked the Waze features, and I still can't get this to work. If I can't use my car controls with this app, it is completely useless to me as I am on the road all the time. I have a Galaxy S9 and have the latest Spotify app version. Another thing I noticed it is doing is that it keeps starting on the same song and the same rotations after that song, which it never did that before. I don't know if that is related, but have never encountered that before either. 



I have the same issue with the latest version, but in my car (Alfa Romeo  Giulietta) the music stop (in the spotify the music continue to play). My phone is a Moto z2 play with android 8.


Please fix this bug.


I've got the exact same issue with the Galaxy S10 connecting to BT Ford Sync. 2 days ago before I got my S10 I was using my iPhone X with Spotify and could see what track number was playing and how many tracks there were in my playlist, I could also fastford and rewind songs using my steering wheel controls but now i'm using the S10 I can't do any of that.


@Guido how is it so easy to get this right for the iOS version but looks like it's taken months and nothing has happened for the Android version? You'd think something like this should be fixed instantly to stop people cancelling their subscriptions which I will most likely be doing unless this is fixed? It's just frustrating that you have it working perfectly on iOS so it shows you can do it but cannot do this on Android? (just to add i've tried every troubleshooting thing you've advised and still nothing, also the waze app notification is ridiculous too and I don't even have waze installed).


Hey @MrMuj,


Thanks for getting back to us with that info.


Could you confirm that your Galaxy S10 is on Android 9?


Keep us posted 🙂



Hi @Peter 


Yeah it's Android 9 on my S10, Spotify is also the latest version too. 🙂 


I tried it again on my iPhone X last night to see if it was maybe my car but it was all working as it should showing the track numbers and letting me fastforward and rewind songs with the in car controls.


I don't know if this will help but the car it's being ued with is a 2016 Ford Fiesta using Ford Sync 2.0 (BT Bluetooth).




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This has been going on for years now! I bought my car in 2014 and all was fine and believe it was 2016 when it stopped working with the steering wheel controls. It’s clearly something with the Spotify app, we’re all on the latest versions so please look into this ASAP. Androids and iPhones it’s the same problem.



Hi @Shel_15 it's all working on my iPhone X with the latest iOS and Spotify App (it shows track numbers and all car controls work as they should) so they know how to do it and make it work. 


If it's not been working since 2016 for Android then that's ridiculous, you'd expect a bug to be fixed withing a month maybe max, not 3 years!!

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Very annoying! I took my car back to ford about 5 times and they said it was the app and there must be a bug in it.
Like I’ve mentioned previously I can still play my music through connecting to the USB point, but the tracks don’t show nor can i skip tracks on steering wheel.

Very frustrating!

Hello I have similar issues as well.

Driving a 2017 Mercedes C-Class S205 with Comand Audio.

Mobile is a OnePlus 6T with OxygenOS-Version 9.0.15 (Android 9) ONEPLUS A6013.


Can't use Remote Controls, so I can't pause or play the songs and I can't skip them.
There is also no Metadata being transmitted.
So I can literally don't do anything but listening to the song that's playing.

It's definitely not the car and not the phone.
The car works fine with every other device.
And it's not about the phone either.

Just went through customer support and they fixed the issue with google play music.

That works fine now, but the problems with spotify still remain.

Also did a full reinstall of spotify but that didn't help.

Please fix this quick, I'm tired of having to grab my phone while driving just to skip songs!
Besides this it's also not legal and pretty dangerous.


PS: Fixing the bug with google Play Music took OnePlus just a month.