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Bluetooth Playback Controls Unresponsive Through Android Wear

I have this issue on a Galaxy S8 with Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones. I have to close and re-open the app a few times to get it to work again. Reinstalling the app did not seem to completely fix the issue. Currently have spotify app version Skip/Previous functionality is not affected. The Google Play music app or other music apps are not affected.

Hey everyone,


Thanks for all the recent reports since our last update. 


We can confirm that the tech team are still aware of this happening for some users, and will be working towards a solution.


We don't have an exact timeframe for a fix, but hopefully it'll be updated soon. 


For now, we'd recommend keeping your app and all devices fully up-to-date.





I recently bought a Sony MDR-1000x headset and noticed that the play/pause feature is not working with the spotify app. It works with other music players so I assume this is something that Spotify does wrong. I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android Nougat (7.0).


I'm expecting delivery of the MDR-1000x tomorrow. I'll let you know how it works with my S8. I have read that it can be difficult to hit the play/pause sweet spot every time. Does it work with other media players?

Yes it works with other audio players. You get a beep signal as a response when you double tap the ear cup for play/pause. I find it quite easy to use the touch controls on the headphones so that's not the issue.

Hi. Just started playing with my headphones - what an awesome sound 🙂

Bad news I'm afraid but all the transport controls, including play/pause, work fine for me.

Running spotify on a Galaxy S8+.

Well thank you. I checked my Spotify version and noticed that I ran version I checked for updates and there was a new update available. I guess I shouldn't rely on the auto-update completely. Anyway, the update version was and now all the controls work. It seems like Spotify fixed the issue. Hope you'll enjoy your new headphones. I'm going on a 12 hour flight on Sunday and hope the noise cancelation will do a good job 😉

By the way, does anybody know if Spotify have release notes available somewhere?

If you mean version notes, then no they have never released them. They seem to prefer keeping us guessing. Have a great flight!

...and now it stopped working again. I'm pretty sure this is not a fault with the headset but with the Spotify app. I can even play/pause videos with the headset as it sends standard AVRCP commands. Some googling revealed that other have this issue also e.g. this thread:


I have Spotify on Android and listen through a Plantronics Backbeat Fit. The Play/Pause button on the headset works fine for advancing and rewinding tracks, but after about 10 minutes of normal functionality the button stops working for playing and pausing. It works just fine in the Google Music app. This Spotify bug is driving me nuts. The only way to get it working normally again is to reboot the phone. Then I get 10 more minutes of normal play/pause function out of it again. I pay for a Spotify subscription, but if this doesn't get fixed soon I'm cancelling. 


Which version of spotify are you running?


That's quite an old thread but there has been a sprinkling of recent posts about headset controls not working. I guess they may have broken something again 😞