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Bluetooth Playback Controls Unresponsive Through Android Wear

I have this issue on a Galaxy S8 with Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones. I have to close and re-open the app a few times to get it to work again. Reinstalling the app did not seem to completely fix the issue. Currently have spotify app version Skip/Previous functionality is not affected. The Google Play music app or other music apps are not affected.

Hey everyone,


Thanks for all the recent reports since our last update. 


We can confirm that the tech team are still aware of this happening for some users, and will be working towards a solution.


We don't have an exact timeframe for a fix, but hopefully it'll be updated soon. 


For now, we'd recommend keeping your app and all devices fully up-to-date.






There should be an update available on Play. Could you see if that makes any difference?


Same problem here with version - no update available - please fix soon. Only workaround is to restart the app at the moment. 


The update is version It won't recognize play/pause commands from Bluetooth headsets. 


Hi, Same problem here. I am running the same Spotify version on my android phone. Can't use the pause button on my headsets or my SmartWatch.

Works on YouTube so I think the bug comes from the app.

Please correct soon ! :).


I'm getting no help from Spotify. Even had a 45 minute chat session and they couldn't help. If anything the problem has gotten worse. I'm now moving all my playlists manually to Google Play Music. They have all the same content, premium subscription is the same cost (even the family plan), downloadable for offline play, and they have a New Release Radio similar to Release Radar. Most importantly, it works with Bluetooth flawlessly. I'll probably cancel my paid Spotify account in a couple weeks after I've give Play Music a good skakedown. 


Same problem here - Galaxy S8, current Spotify version Issue started about 2 weeks ago. Restarting phone fixes the issue for about an hour, after which neither my smartwatch (tried on both Moto 360 2nd gen and Asus Zenwatch 3), and bluetooth headphones are unable to play/pause music. Strangely I'm still alble skip tracks. Please fix - really irritating!


Are you using the same headset? IF not which bluetooth headset are you using?


I've tested using Sennihesier MM-450-X travels and Plantronics wireless backbeats and both work. 

Maybe if we could find a commonality with the setup?


The problem remains in version


I think it is valid for all bluetooth devices but only occurring after a bit of  time. Only workaround is to fix it TEMPORARILY by restarting the app.


Please fix soon.


It's best not to generalise as it simply adds confusion. Controls work flawlessly using my Sony MDR 100x phones with spotify