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Bluetooth Playback Controls Unresponsive Through Android Wear

I have this issue on a Galaxy S8 with Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones. I have to close and re-open the app a few times to get it to work again. Reinstalling the app did not seem to completely fix the issue. Currently have spotify app version Skip/Previous functionality is not affected. The Google Play music app or other music apps are not affected.

Hey everyone,


Thanks for all the recent reports since our last update. 


We can confirm that the tech team are still aware of this happening for some users, and will be working towards a solution.


We don't have an exact timeframe for a fix, but hopefully it'll be updated soon. 


For now, we'd recommend keeping your app and all devices fully up-to-date.




Following my earlier post - the issue persists across 2 different Bluetooth headsets (Beoplay H4 and Bragi Dash), no surprise given different smartwatches also present the issue. As another poster mentioned - the play/pause on Google Play doesn’t have this issue.


My assumptions are that the issue could be isolated to being caused by one of three things:

- Spotify app update

- Samsung update

- Google update


Possibly relating to handling of ram/battery optimisation.


I'm using the Plantronics Backbeat Fit. I've been using it with Google Play Music for a couple weeks now and it works flawlessly. The issue is with Spotify. 


I've noticed this issue as well. Using Backbeat Pro 2 and Spotify I can skip but not pause. The feature where you take the headphones off and it pauses is also not working. 


It works properly with Samsung Music and Google Play Music, as well as various other streaming apps.



I am having the same problem for weeks now even with different versions of Spotify. I have version at the moment and most of the time I cannot play/pause through Bluetooth.


For my devices, I have a Huawei Watch and a Toyota Corolla 2017.


I have the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S8 with Spotify version armv7. Play/Pause will not work over Bluetooth, either from my Sony MDR-1000X or from my LG Watch Urbane. Restarting the phone works. 

The phone is running Android version 7.0, and this started occurring either after an Android update or a Spotify app update as I had the phone for quite some time before it started happening, although I unfortunately cannot pinpoint the exact time it happened.

Wether this is down to Spotify or Android itself, I really hope someone is able to pinpoint the cause of this, as it is massively annoying


I have non-Bluteooth over the ear heaphones. Since the last update 3 days ago the play/pause feature does not function anymore. Instead of pausing or skipping tracks it now turns the volume down. I never had a problem before the last update. I've tried rebooting my phone but it didn't fix the issue. I currently have version armV7 on Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Any help is appriciated. I rely heavily on this function. I love Spotify. Please help!




I have the same issues (S8 and Bose QC35). Spotify app version

For me killing the app fixes the problem for approx 20 minutes, reinstalling the app did not help.


Hi Joe,


does your bluetooth play/pause controls even still work after a few minutes?


Mine will only work for a few minutes after the app was started completely new and then always loose their function.


Kind regards




I haven't specifically tested it but it seems to work fine over several hours. Having said that, I tend to listen to albums all the way through and I'm not constantly skipping tracks or pausing the music. Not sure if that should make any difference though.


One thing i noticed thou is that prev/next buttons on my headset alsmost always seem to work, even if the play/pause dosent work.