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Bluetooth Safety Mode

The new update apparently included some arbitrary test of a safety mode when in Bluetooth. It's for car safety as it has been explained to me through a support chat. This mode cannot be deactivated and changes the UI on all Bluetooth connections. 


It reverts to a stripped down UI that is just awful. Support says its part of the recent update, but also a test affecting only 3% of accounts. I personally hate it. I don't just use Bluetooth in my car and don't want this interface during home use. The fact it was created without a means of turning it off is a huge oversight on Spotify's part. I was also told this was a test for IOS users, which I am not. Then was told it was part of the update. Then was told it was temporary. Then was told "hopefully" it will be fixed in a client, basically, I'm stuck with this for the foreseeable future. 







Samsung Galaxy S7

Operating System




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Good news, we heard back from the right teams and this should now be fixed.


Let us know if there's anything else we can help with 🙂 


I honestly would like that because it would be easier for me when I drive, but my car is not Bluetooth, so it would be cool if there was an option instead to turn it on "driving mode".

Same issue here and you laid out all my same thoughts on it. Fine, car safety, whatever. But on all Bluetooth connections? I use Bluetooth for media constantly outside the car. Also, this overlooks the fact that many may have a passenger controlling the music rather than a driver. I hate this and would love if it could be deactivated. I am also on Android like you, so whatever they said about this being for IOS is nonsense. 


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Would you be happy to let us know the name of the Bluetooth speaker you're connected to when this happens? If you could let us know the exact name showing up in the Bluetooth device list on your phone for example, that'd be super helpful.

Also, can you confirm the type of device you are connecting to? (E.g. speaker, headset).

We'd like to pass this information along.



It's literally any Bluetooth connection. 


Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Bose, Skullcandy, Mini H2O Bluetooth, UConnect 


Yep I have this same mode on my Google Pixel 2 XL. I hate it. I've been trying out Spotify for 3 months because it was $.99 a month and this might force me back to Google Play Music if it stays like this.

It does this both on my Lexus bluetooth (Car Multimedia), and my portable bluetooth speaker (Music SPA). 



I'm experiencing the same issue with a Google Pixel 2 and MPOW bluetooth adapter. If I disable bluetooth, the original interface returns.


Please be aware, most new phones on the market do NOT have a headphone jack, and bluetooth headphones or adapters are extremely common.


It is extremely inconvenient that this test came out with no way to opt out. I agree with the points above; I carpool to work and now I can't change the queue even as a passenger which is ridiculous. Fix this ASAP!


I agree with the original post, this is a horible change! It is more of a distraction now then before, for one in order to save a song to another playlest you have to go back to the original playlist and scroll to find it. Which now take more time and more clicks, so more distraction. It is very ugly and I have found the like button doesnt even work sometimes. I HATE IT!!!!!!! I constantly share music by screen shoting the song with the album art. Im sure your artists would not be happy with this becasue their music is now soo horrible represented. PLEASE CHANGE BACK, your test has failed. 


Yeah, I am getting this screen when connected to the native bluetooth in my work car, but it doesnt appear when using the aftermarket radio in my personal car.


If this becomes a mandatory feature without including a toggle to disable it, I will 100% cancel my premium subscription.