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Bluetooth Safety Mode

The new update apparently included some arbitrary test of a safety mode when in Bluetooth. It's for car safety as it has been explained to me through a support chat. This mode cannot be deactivated and changes the UI on all Bluetooth connections. 


It reverts to a stripped down UI that is just awful. Support says its part of the recent update, but also a test affecting only 3% of accounts. I personally hate it. I don't just use Bluetooth in my car and don't want this interface during home use. The fact it was created without a means of turning it off is a huge oversight on Spotify's part. I was also told this was a test for IOS users, which I am not. Then was told it was part of the update. Then was told it was temporary. Then was told "hopefully" it will be fixed in a client, basically, I'm stuck with this for the foreseeable future. 







Samsung Galaxy S7

Operating System




Hey there,


Thanks for your patience.


Good news, we heard back from the right teams and this should now be fixed.


Let us know if there's anything else we can help with 🙂 



Samsung Galaxy S8+ SM-955U

Android 8.0

Car stereo is aftermarket Sony DEH-80PRS

Spotify armV7




Google Pixel 2 XL

Android P Dev Preview 4

2016 Camaro SS




Samsung GS8+





I will be canceling my subscription this week if I am not removed from the test group and my account it not set back to the old vewing mode. 


Thank you!











LG V30


15 Ford Taurus SHO w/ sync+myfordtouch armV7


Hey folks,


Thank you!
We've passed this information along, we really appreciate the info.


If you could also let us know the exact bluetooth device name that features in your bluetooth list, we'll let the team know this too.


Thanks for bearing with us,


The name doesn't matter. Its on both of my cars and they are made up from the car manufacturer. Not Bose...for Ex: my Nissan Rogue is literally called "My Rogue" . Just pass on that they need to remove it therefore you will not have a list of the million different had Dex or factory stereos or whatever the Bluetooth name is. The name is only to be recognized with the device. It has no attachment at all to the actual stereo. That's why you can change the name to whatever you want and it works the same. The problem is Spotify not the device or the head deck. Although I did notice there is a lot of Samsung's in our feet here. Maybe a Samsung thing which I wouldn't even know where to begin on that one. Although it seems like it would have been an ounce if it was Samsung and they would have done it right instead of springing it on you. Then again Spotify as a third party app so Samsung wouldn't have anything to do with it after I kind of thought about it. Just throwing out what's going through. Just remove the whole thing. Technically it doesn't work anyway or function properly anyway so even if they did implemented Dakota to completely wrong because there's bugs all over it! And I wasn't going to pay this month's bill and it just went through yesterday could you pass on what they can compensate? That would be amazing and a huge help... Along with the fix of this unsafe Bluetooth not working or having the right to force us to use it anyway. If we want to use our phones when we drive, we can! They may be against the law to speed but if that was the case then why the night cars with my second car for example that does a hundred and seventy miles per hour? Because we're allowed to do that if we want to. You can't regulate that! The regulation is the speed limit which is a sign that we abide by so tell him to put up a sign or signs around the country don't text and drive or don't Spotify and drive and he can drive by and laugh and that's great! Honestly I'm not kidding cuz when I think about it that's just as arbitrary as what the safe mode garbage is! Again, thank you very much for your attention and commitment to fixing this issue!Thanks,

So after your customers complain that you are using them to collect data from forced app feature testing, to resolve the issue, you request a data collection?  


Thanks, but no thanks.  You do do not need this data to change the UI back.  You guys wrote the code, so what does having the data do change this?  Nothing.   It's a cheap grab.


Listen to your customers.  Don't milk them the way Spotify milks the artists that makes them money.


You had a deadline for me and it wasn't met.  


So it's getting cancelled.


Typical customer support from a "caring" company.









I've just gotten this feature, I am a passenger and I do not like it. it would be a great idea if this were optional, but this reduces the functionality when I'm not driving. 


Done.  Cancelled my premium subscription.   


It would be funny if it weren't so sad,  but the next day they sent me an email with a survey asking for my input on how they can improve Spotify in the car! Lol.     Idiots.