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Bluetooth Safety Mode

The new update apparently included some arbitrary test of a safety mode when in Bluetooth. It's for car safety as it has been explained to me through a support chat. This mode cannot be deactivated and changes the UI on all Bluetooth connections. 


It reverts to a stripped down UI that is just awful. Support says its part of the recent update, but also a test affecting only 3% of accounts. I personally hate it. I don't just use Bluetooth in my car and don't want this interface during home use. The fact it was created without a means of turning it off is a huge oversight on Spotify's part. I was also told this was a test for IOS users, which I am not. Then was told it was part of the update. Then was told it was temporary. Then was told "hopefully" it will be fixed in a client, basically, I'm stuck with this for the foreseeable future. 







Samsung Galaxy S7

Operating System




Hey there,


Thanks for your patience.


Good news, we heard back from the right teams and this should now be fixed.


Let us know if there's anything else we can help with 🙂 

I contacted them via chat and they fixed it for me. 

I was able to bypass this feature by enabling offline mode in Spotify, then connecting to my car and then later disabling offline mode. The "safety" version of now playing hasn't come back since. Worked for me, hopefully it works for everyone else!

My problem seems to have been resolved. App is currently armV7.
May have been updated from the previous version.

I didn't want to jump the gun but mine is fixed as well! On my S8 Samsung as of yesterday it has been showing the correct now playing visuals. Thank you to whoever I need to be psyching! Hopefully it stays this way! And thanks for everybody else contributing!

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey all,

Thanks again for your recent comments. I'm just following up on my last post to let you all know that this thread's been moved to our 'Under Investigation' section of the Ongoing Issues board.

We've done that because what's being described is on our radar and we're looking into it. For now, we're continuing to monitor your feedback and we'll passing it on the relevant team. 


We've noticed a few reports to say that this has been fixed in the latest version of Spotify. If that isn't the case for you, just follow the steps below.

Before we can pass your info on to them though, we'll need the exact info:


  • Your make and model of phone
  • the bluetooth device name that features in your bluetooth list
  • Your phone's software version
  • Your make and model of car
  • Your version of Spotify


If you've not included any of these pieces of info in your initial comment, get back to us below with what's required. Once we have that, we'll notify the right folks.


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First of all, thank you for all of your concern and follow-up, concerning this issue! My "now playing screen" is fixed! Or back to the way it was originally. Showing album art , along with full options. So, I no longer have the "unsafe bluetooth car mode screen"... or whatever you want to call that disaster of an idea. (Thunbs Down). In other words, the problem has been fixed and I just received this email (even though Ive already reported the fix for me personally), but just wanted to reiterate that my issue has been resolved! More importantly, appreciate all your time... your concern and everything you've done in order to create a solution! You're work is superb! THANKS AGAIN! (VBC123)

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Status changed to: Fixed

Hey there,


Thanks for your patience.


Good news, we heard back from the right teams and this should now be fixed.


Let us know if there's anything else we can help with 🙂