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 Hello everyone.
I apologize in advance for not perfect English.
In any case, for a few days, I systematically find an error in the page "browse" of spotify (the page that is shown at the opening).

The error reported says "there was an error in displaying this page", and under "this page does not exist or an error occurred" (see the screen attached, in italian).

I tried several times to uninstall spotify and reinstall it, and at the first opening, after login, the page "browse" is shown correctly, then once I close the application and reopen the error appears again.

I have no idea what the problem may be...

Can someone kindly help me?

Thank you in advance.


Hey folks,


Thanks for all your reports and patience, this should be now fixed 🙂


Please try logging out of your accounts and back in again to force a sync between your device and account information.




Hello everyone!

Today Ihad the same problem, Spotify doesn't let me check neither my profile, nor my friend's profiles. I already try to reinstall the app but it doesn't fix it. Is anybody having this problem again?


I am also having this same issue. For the past two days I cannot browse or see the home screen. Browse error says, "Page not found. Sorry, but the page you tried to open does not exist. Try again." The home screen just says, "An error occurred. Try again." wth? 


Hey there folks,


You're replying to an old ongoing issue that has been resolved a while back.


If you're still experiencing issues with the app, we'd recommend starting a new topic in the relevant help board here and we'll do our best to help you out.