[Bug] Connect Reports Incorrect Playing Track


Spotify Connect on iOS often reports incorrect playing track.


Device Information:

iPhone 4S 16GB Spotify

iPad 3 16GB Spotify

Pioneer A1 (XW-SMA1-K)


To reproduce:

This doesn't reproduce 100% of the time, but it appears to happen for me at least a few times an evening.


Open Spotify on iPhone or iPad.

Start playback.

Transfer playback to another device using Spotify connect. 

Navigate away from Spotify on iPhone or iPad. 

Once a couple of tracks have played, navigate back to Spotify on iPhone, the track which is reported to be playing on iPhone is incorrect and doesn't update until another track is manually selected. When this happens even going to the now playing screen displays the old track. 



Manually selecting another song forces it to go into sync again.


Additional information:

Clean reinstalled on both devices, made no difference.

Tried connecting to a different router incase signal strength in our house was causing an issue, made no difference.

Also happens between a Spotify app and a Connect speaker, it appears it can report any track on a playlist is playing (which is incorrect). Manually selecting a new song whilst the speaker is transitioning between songs seems to cause the issue too.




What iPhone shows:


connect bug 2.JPG


What iPad shows:

connect bug 1.JPG


Hey folks, a fix for this has already rolled out. If you're having issues with Spotify Connect and your iOS device please start another thread in the iOS Help board. Thanks everyone!

Status: Fixed
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@elhabilmorgan - That track is correct for me.
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Status changed to: Fixed


Problem also exsists on desktop. Played "What i like about you" - and some other song played. Wrong index or?



I have the same problem as A_Be_Cgn. If I quene a track on my computer, my Galaxy S5 will show the next track that is playing, instead of the track that I quened on my computer. I also have the same issue as OP, where the tracks will skip when playing songs on my computer via my phone. 

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I also have the same issue with one song showed playing on my phone, but another one playing on the computer after I connected them a while ago. Another issue I have experienced after I tried the connect, is that my play queue suddenly dissapears. I can queue a whole album, and suddenly after a random number of songs, just continue on the former playlist I've played from, and the rest of the songs arent in the queue. 


Similar problems with latetst Mac desktop app, latest IOS App on IOS8.1 and on an Android 4.3 device.


So happy with Spotify Connect but am wondering whether this will also happen with for instance Denon Heos or receivers with built in Spotify connect.

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Hey everyone! If you're still experiencing this issue with your Android device (seems to be resolved with iOS) please post the following:


1. Your device

2. Device's OS

3. Spotify app version

4. Connect device


Thank you!

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I'm having this problem too. Just a moment ago, we added maybe 15 songs to the play queue via computer (the playing device). After that, I started the Spotify app and it shows the song which comes after the queued ones. That title shows as 'currently playing title' on my phone until it really starts playing on my computer. After it has played, the correct titles will start showing up on my phone.



1. Samsung Galaxy XCover 2 ("remote")

2. Android


4. Win7 laptop (playing device)

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Oh and I forgot to say that logging in and out in the app doesn't help, nor does emptying the phone's cache.


Just to be sure, I reproduced the bug by simply adding one song to the queue. Now the app says I'm playing the track that will play next.