Bug Report: User can accidentally send multiple identical messages to someone by sharing songs

Status: Fixed

Spotify version: Windows Client:


Problem Description:

* It is possible to accidentally send multiple identical songs/messages to someone by sharing.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Right click any song you want to share

2. Select Share...

3. Select "Send To..." Tab

4. Type in / select a person you want to send it to

5. Type Something in the "Say something about this song (Optional)" Textbox

6. Click on any song/playlist in the client (outside the sharing window)

--- The sharing window will dissappear

7. Right Click the same song again

8. Select Share

--- The sharing window will appear with the information you previously set

9. Click send.

10. Result:

EXPECTED: the song is shared with the message you have entered

ACTUAL: The sone and the message is sent to the recepient twice.


PS! Doing steps 6 to 9 multiple times increases the message count sent to the recepient.



Yeah this is an actual issue. Try posting it here .





Would you like this post moved to the Bugs section of the community?

I or another Rock Star or Mod can move this for you to the right section so another user can test this out and see. The only change, which version of Windows - 7, 8.1, or 10 did this happen with?


Also Note there is also a new Windows client version update rolling out:

Status changed to: Fixed



Thanks for moving it, I didn't notice the "Outgoing Issues" section, sorry.
Tested with 2 different computers and was able to reproduce it with both Windows 7 and Windows 8


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Mr. Wingless

The bug is that the client says that you sent many messages but you only actually sent one.

Status changed to: Fixed

We'll look into this. Any more info and/or consensus on what you feel the bug actually is would also be welcome 🙂

Status changed to: Fixed