[Bug] Spotify app will not disable Data Saver (OnePlus 6T)



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I've come across a strange bug after upgrading to a OnePlus 6T today, and I wanted to make support aware of it. From a fresh install and sign in, I go to settings and see that data saver is turned off as I want it to be. However, upon scrolling down to change my streaming quality for both WiFi and data to Very High, data streaming is capped to low and I cannot change it, as if Data Saver was turned on.


Scrolling back up then shows data saver is now turned on. Turning it back off and scrolling back down to the stream quality settings then remains locked, and looping back up shows that the option for data saver has once again been turned on without my permission. Uninstalling and logging out and back in does not fix this issue. As I was typing up the post, I then found out that taking my device into landscape mode, and turning off the data saver option, then allows me to change streaming quality. Changing back to portrait for any reason whatsoever then resets this, which is very irritating as you guys could imagine. Hopefully this information will help nail down this bug!

Hey there folks,


This issue should be fixed.


We'd recommend making sure to follow the steps here so that you're rocking the latest version of the Spotify app available. If that doesn't do the trick for you, try a quick reinstall of the app as well.


If the issue persists after that, we'd still like to know. In that case, we'd suggest creating a new thread in our Help Boards with all the relevant info and we'll help out from there.

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Hi, Try to change the settings horizonly, worked for me on One plus 6 with the same problem...



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Hello doronmat,


It definitely seems to be an issue with the app on the OnePlus 6 and 6T, and as I mentioned earlier in my post, the only solution for now is turning the phone to landscape mode. I'm glad you found that same solution as well since this is a pretty frustrating bug. Hopefully someone at Spotify support will see this and log it as something to fix in the future, given that the 6T just came out and more people will come across the same bug. 


Same problem on oneplus 6


The same issue on the Google Nexus 9 tablet running Android 7.1.1.


The fix is the same too. Odd bug.


It's fine in my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge running Android 8.0.


I wonder if it's a Spotify bug with stock Android. Like the Nexus devices OnePlus is almost almost stock Android.


Thanks for the fix.


I have this same phone and this same exact problem as described. Data Saver appears to stay off on my device provided I don't scroll down further in the settings menu 




I had same problem on my Pixel 2XL with Android Pie. I tried to change to landscape and turn off data saver that I rolled out the streaming menu and during this I changed to portrait and set the very high quality. After that I am able to set it even in portrait mode and data saver is still off. 


I had the same problem on my oneplus 3 with custom rom

I couldn't use Spotify in landscape so i tried to turn off new features in the settings thought maybe it resets data saver. If i turn off car view i can turn off data saver, but then i can't turn data saver on only if car view is on.


Can confirm this is happening on my 6T on OOS 9.0.10. The landscape trick seems to help. I hope the settings stay after I leave.

As said, turning off car view does seem to fix the issue for me too.

This helped so much!! I don't ever use Car View and it got automatically activated. Even the interface is bad. If somebody wants to use spotify in a car, they would use Android Auto! When Car View is disabled settings work perfectly.