[Bug] Spotify app will not disable Data Saver (OnePlus 6T)



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I've come across a strange bug after upgrading to a OnePlus 6T today, and I wanted to make support aware of it. From a fresh install and sign in, I go to settings and see that data saver is turned off as I want it to be. However, upon scrolling down to change my streaming quality for both WiFi and data to Very High, data streaming is capped to low and I cannot change it, as if Data Saver was turned on.


Scrolling back up then shows data saver is now turned on. Turning it back off and scrolling back down to the stream quality settings then remains locked, and looping back up shows that the option for data saver has once again been turned on without my permission. Uninstalling and logging out and back in does not fix this issue. As I was typing up the post, I then found out that taking my device into landscape mode, and turning off the data saver option, then allows me to change streaming quality. Changing back to portrait for any reason whatsoever then resets this, which is very irritating as you guys could imagine. Hopefully this information will help nail down this bug!

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This issue should be fixed.


We'd recommend making sure to follow the steps here so that you're rocking the latest version of the Spotify app available. If that doesn't do the trick for you, try a quick reinstall of the app as well.


If the issue persists after that, we'd still like to know. In that case, we'd suggest creating a new thread in our Help Boards with all the relevant info and we'll help out from there.

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Same here for OnePlus 6 with the Android Pie latest updates. 


Disabling Car Vew also fixed the issue for me.  Very high quality is what we need all the time your poor peasants. 


Same here. Landscape mode does not work,neither Spotify Auto trick. That's really annoying. May you help?


EDIT: Turning off Car View (ugly for me) now works! Op 6T


Thanks! Turning off the car view definitely worked for me as a permanent solution!

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So after all this time and 3 updates to the OP6T as well as constant updates for Spotify itself, the issue seems to remain. The disabling of Car View as well as the landscape trick seem to be valid workarounds, but I also have some random crashing issues now while using Spotify Remote or listening to local tracks. :( 


Hopefully the issue is solved with an actual update from the Spotify Android dev team instead of using these workarounds. It doesn't even seem like it's isolated to Oxygen OS, given the devices other people are experiencing this on. 


Same issue on my 6T. Ridiculous.


Hey, just wanted to drop by and say that I had this issue on my OnePlus 5T as well and disabling car view or, alternatively, turning on "Fullscreen compatibility mode" (16:9)

solved the issue.


If it matters here's some info:


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OnePlus 5T

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Android 9 Pie


I have the same issue on my Amazon Fire 7 Tablet. As with others, I found disabling the Car view worked. 


Turn off Car play and try if that fixes it.


Hey folks,


Thanks for keeping us posted on this.


Would you mind updating to the latest version of Spotify (currently 8.4.91 for Android and iOS) and seeing if that fixes the issue for you?


If not, get back to us and we'll continue to investigate.




Android 9.0, app version

The issue is still there, the only fix is to disable the Car view.

Nothing changed so far.