Bugs with the Spotify App

Status: Fixed

Since a few weeks I got some serious problems with the Spotify App. I use an iPhone 6 with IOS 11.2.5 running on it. Everytime I want to play any song of the Album „People keep talking“ and „Happy Camper“ from Hoodie Allen Spotify pauses the song after 1-2 seconds. When I press the playing button again the song gets skipped so I can never hear it. Also many songs from other Artists often stop playing when reaching the last 4-5 seconds. This ist really annoying... Further there are some more little bugs with playing or pausing songs in the locked screen, sometimes the little control panel doesn‘t even appear there. But maybe this is more a problem of IOS and not Spotify. Anyway, I really wonder if any other people have similar problems and if there are solutions for it. I don’t want to reinstall the App because of all the songs I downloaded but if it might help I will do it. I would be very happy about any helpful advise!

Hey @tobimobi123!


We're glad to hear the reinstallation fixed this issue, and you're able to enjoy Spotify again.


If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to open a new thread. We're here to help with anything we can.


All the best 🙂


Reinstalling the app is only a temporary fix, but it does work, for me I will click on a song and it will play like 5 seconds, completely stop, and then it won’t play at all after that and when I try to download it, the dial just keeps spinning but never actually downloads. I have been just adding songs to my “songs” playlist and letting them download before I play them so I don’t have to keep reinstalling the app 

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Hey @tobimobi123! Welcome to the Spotify Community!

It sounds like someone else might be using your account. The steps from this article should help, could you give them a shot? Let me know how you get on.

Thanks and have an awesome day! 🙂


Hey @AnisaM,


I already downloaded the songs long ago and there is no problem with downloading or deleting & downloading them again. They are just not playable, both online and offline but do appear in my playlists and "songs" completely normal as always. By the way there are more songs than I mentioned above which do not have a clear connection to the others but with the same problem .

I noticed that evereything works totally fine on my Laptop so there must be a problem with my iPhone or the App.


I don't know if you can help me here but thank you very much for your reply! 🙂


Hey @Hubo, thank you for your reply!


I followed the steps you recommended but the problem still appears as before. As I already said in my comment on another comment in this conversation everything works fine on my Notebook. It must be a problem with the App on my phone.


Thank you for your advice so far, I hope you can help me to solve the problem!


Hey @tobimobi123!


Just to confirm, this is only happening to the songs on these two albums? If so, please send us the albums' link for us to take a look backstage.


Also, do you happen to have these albums synced as local files to your phone as well?


Keep us posted.


Hey @Alfredo,


no, as I noticed this happens to more songs than those in these two albums. There is no difference between if I downloaded the affected songs or not.

The other "problem-songs" with this problem seem to be selected randomly, I can't see a connection to those I talked about before.

The only difference between the songs from the two albums I mentioned before and those which do not belong to those albums but do have the same problem is that some songs from the ablums where the other "independent", not working songs are from ARE playable so it doesn't directly depend on the album (I'm sorry for this complicated sentence, I'm from Germany and don't know how to explain it better...).


As I said I downloaded the songs but deleting them and trying to play them online or downloading them and trying to play them offline doesn't make any difference.


This is the link of one of the not workung albums. As I already wrote it is playable from my computer but not from my iPhone:



Thank you for any help!




Thanks for the info. 


Don't worry, we understand what's going on. Do you have the same issue if you log into your devices with a different account? Just ask a friend to log into their account with your devices to see if it happens.


You can also try it out on different connections to see if it makes a difference.


Let us know how it goes.


Hey @SergioDavid,


I tried playing the same songs with my device on another account and it worked without any problems. On my own account nothing has changed after that.

I guess that means sonething about my account is the issue for the appearing problems, right? What can I do to solve it?


Thanks for all the info!


In this case, we suggest reinstalling Spotify since this will clear any cache that could be interfering with the song playback.


Let us know how it goes. 


Alright @SergioDavid, I reinstalled Spotify and now everything is fine. That was much easier than expected...


I was unsure because of the strange behavior of my phone and also reluctant about having to download every single song again. On this view I'm sorry for my stupidity. It isn't that bad and I'm glad to be able to enjoy my music again. After that I see that I could have easily solved the problem on my own if I hadn't been so insecure. At least I now know that I can ask very helpfull people for help here and that is also an instructive realization! 🙂


Thank you very much for your patience and your help until finally solving the problem. Not having this annoying trouble anymore means a lot for me and my impacient and easily getting mad personality.


I hope you have a really nice day! I can just say thank you once again!