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Cambridge CXN cannot connect anymore

Device: Cambridge CXN


Operating System Version:

Android 5.0.1.

Spotify Version:


I have a premium account. I can play music on my android phone. However, streaming through my Cambridge CXN all of a sudden stopped working. CXN display shows 'Spotify not logged in', however, I am logged in on my Android smartphone. Resetting everything did not help.


Did something change in the Spotify authentication protocol?


This is very annoying!



To reproduce:

See above, the description.





Additional information:



Regards, Jan



I tried it again today and it works again. I had contact about this with Cambridge. Seems that there has been some kind of outage on one of the spotify services that has been resolved now.


Regards, Jan

Status changed to: Closed

I have the same issue. I reinstall everything, I tried to connect from several phones/computers and the result is that after 1 or 2 songs Spotify pauses the play


I frequently have the same issue - my CXN frequently reads "Spotify not logged in". I reboot the CXN, restrart the CXN Android app and Spotify app to no avail. I can cast to Chromecast from Spotify but not to CXN which leads me to conclude there is a Cambridge issue. Any advice?



Same thing has happened to me,


Did you sort it in the end?


Can you let me know what you did?!


Still struggling with the issue, have not had much joy from Cambridge. Sometimes, it resolves itself later in the day, sometimes not. Yesterday it occurred again. I disconnected the power cable for 30 seconds and that seems to have cleared it. May be coincidence, but I find I have to remove the power cable from time to time to clear faults, the front power button obviously does not provide as complete a restart.

Hi thanks for your advice it seems to be working ok now, what i did was reinstall spotify on my desktop and reset the CXN by pulling the cable out like you suggested.
i did let cambridge know but like you say not much joy just hope its good from now on ?!

Right-o. How about this: I am on a fibre to the home connection and use a Huawei 659B modem, on the 2.4Ghz frequency. Whenever I get the "Spotify not logged in" problem, I reboot my modem and that seems to clear the problem. I have no such problem with Spotify on Chromecast on the same modem, but so far, the modem reboot seems to reconnect the CXN nicely. Good luck!


Having the same problem on my CXR120 with "Spotify not logged in" , tried to switch off the power and it went away for a short while but then it came back again,  no same issue for my other devices running Spotify from the same network,  can any Cambridge Audio user who overcame the issue give me some tips?  thanks. 


Since a week, CXN cannot connect to spotify through the spotify PC windows app.

It works fine with android phone.


Must be a problem with the PC windows application.


UPDATE : works again after windows app update of today (23/9/2022)