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Can no longer shuffle multiple playlists...

It seems like Spotify's changes are making it more and more difficult for users who have large collections to have the functionallity it had in the beginning. We used to be able to star as many songs as we liked and we could shuffle that playlist. When the starred feature moved to collecting songs, that was fine, except you began limiting that playlist to 10,000 songs. There was a workaround there because you could have multiple starred playlists and then shuffle those lists together. But now you cannot even shuffle playlists within the same folder. What gives? I have 9,996 songs in one list and 7,300 songs in my other list. Sometimes I like to shuffle all my favorite songs to hear stuff that I've saved in the past. Now I can only shuffle half at a time. It doesn't make sense to take away functionality that your users have grown accustomed to. I would really appreciate you bringing this back somehow. Either allow people to create playlists of more than 10,000 songs or allow us to shuffle multiple playlists within the same folder. I'm fine with either. I'm not ok with neither. I know this is probably a common complaint, and the more your users use the service, the more prevelant this complaint will become because their collections will continue to grow more than 10,000 songs. I would think that those users are your staunchest supporters and most dedicated users. A little support here would go a long way and make them even more invested. Please please consider changing your policy to make this more useable for your most committed users. Thank you. 

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Status changed to: Not An Issue