Can not search and play on ONKYO TX-8050


 ONKYO TX-8050  

Operating System Version:

 ONKYO TX-8050, latest firmware from Onkyo 

Spotify Version:

 latest firmware from Onkyo


I can login into Spotify on the Onkyo Amplifier TX-8050 but search in Spotyify takes long time and does not return results. What's new list is also empty. I have restarted network, restarted amplifier (clear option), logut Spotify from all devices but it still does not work. I am able to login into Spotify using Windows workstation and from the Android device.


Step for reproduce:

  1. Run Onkyo Remote App
  2. Select Spotify as source
  3. Search
  4.  Enter string, eg. bebe and waiting  for results - never ending. 


 Not found


Additional information:



Status: Fixed
Please help !! I have the same problem om my Onkyo TX-NR709 it wont search

same problem on a Marantz M-CR 610

Casual Listener
The receiver is updated with the latest firmware
cleared to factory settings didnt work
reinstalled the onkyo app
spotify works fine on iphone 6s and desktop pc
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Hey guys!


Sorry to hear that you're having this trouble. Let me investigate this further with you.


To start with, have you tried checked that there isn't any firmware updates recently? If you're on the newest available software, does rebooting the device and WiFi router help?


Also, is this happening with any other apps using the device?


Let me know. I'd love to help 🙂

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Status changed to: Fixed

This problem is only on the receiver the other internet functions on the receiver works fine

reset router / modem. Reboot and cleared the receiver removed the onkyo app and reinstalled it

the main Spotify app working ok on desktop tablet and phone

I live in the Netherlands sorry my english is not so good..

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Thanks for keeping us posted @sy-again


So we can check this out, would it be possible to provide us some screenshots of what you're seeing? I'm sure that we'll be able to get this investigated further for you.


Many thanks!

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Same Issue on my TX-NR509. Search dosent work anymore...Please fix it!

Its intigrated in the receiver in network funtions

it uses an app Onkyo remote 3 that has intigrated Spotify

after login you can use basic layout spotify search functions 

search isnt working anymore it stays on wait.


Onkyo advertises with intigrated Spotify on almost every Receiver 

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 Hi Jason,


I have the latest firmware instaled on my Onkyo TX-8050.

I  haven't found any changes in my in my network environment configuration.

I restared the router and also Onko Amplifier(Clear function - restored default manufacture settings).

All other build-in network streaming applications on Onkyo works fine - AUPEO, DLNA, vTuner.

I have alro reinstalled remote application. All these activities I repeated three times until now but the problem is not resolved.


In my case the problem started about two weeks ago. 

Current situation is that I am able to login into Spotify on Onkyo (I logged out and login again several times on this devices). After login I have on access to search function and therefore to music. Even 'What's new' (on first screenshot) shows empty list. I have logged out from Spotify on all other devices like phone and PC. I am able to use Spotify application on both pc/android witout any issues. But in most cases I use Spotify on Onkyo. Now it is not possible. So I would like to ask you for help. 


Please see the screenshot from remote application for Onkyo. Pleas let me know if you need more informations. Thank you.



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