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Can't Listen to Tracks in Order on Android Auto

There's a Shuffle button. I press it, there's a check mark. Press it again, no check mark. But it doesn't make any difference.


No matter what I do, Spotify on Android Auto shuffles tracks. This is a problem because I'd like to listen to albums tracks in order.

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The team have been working hard on things backstage.


Thanks to everyone who's reached out, and confirmed that this is fixed for you now.

We're really happy to hear.


We'll close this one up, but don't hesitate to reach out in a new thread if you have any questions in the future.


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When I choose an album from Your Library/Albums the album always play in shuffled order, even though shuffle is OFF ( swipe left to see playback options). It also plays in the SAME shuffled order, e.g. Led Zeppelin II always starts with Moby **bleep**.

Is this an issue that will be fixed? Obviously many if us want to hear an album played in its intended sequence through Android Auto.


Hey @dlo2, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Can you send us the URI link of the album? From desktop, just right-click the album > Copy Spotify URI.


Also, does this behaviour occurs on more than one device? Does it only happen with that album? 


Keep us posted.


I'd confirm that I have the same problem on Android Auto with my premium account too. Every album always plays in shuffle mode whether the shuffle icon is checked or not. I'd always believed that the shuffle feature was supposed to be one of those little annoyances introduced to get people to upgrade to the Premium account, and that I'd be able to permanently disable the feature when I upgraded, which is obviously the case on the desktop version.  


Thats the album link from the Spotify app but I assume its the same as desktop.

This happens with multiple albums. Albums play in order on the app (Add to Up Next) but not from Spotify on Android Auto (Your Library > Albums). I haven't checked on other devices as I don't have another Android device.


I just hit this problem using Android Auto. It looks like when you select an album, you get the "Shuffle Play" action instead of playing the album in the intended order. The docs in show that if you want to play the album in order, you should tap the song name, but android auto doesn't give you this option. It's pretty annoying. Is this going to be fixed anytime soon?  

Can confirm. This happens with any/every album.
Same problem here!
Very annoing when you want to hear comedy albums...

Confirmed.  I have a monthly subscription and this is supremely annoying.


Same here. Every album on Android Auto selected via Library/Albums plays in shuffle mode. Checking/unchecking shuffle has no effect. In the Android Spotify App it works fine. Although there you can tap the first song, which you can't in Android Auto, as mentioned above. On the other hand, why is there a shuffle button then in the first place?

It's extremely annoying not being able to listen to albums in the intended order on Android Auto via Spotify. This is definitely a bug if you have Premium!


A workaround I found so far: Save an album as a playlist. Here the shuffle setting is respected.


Chiming in with the same issue here.  Happens with every album I choose....songs are played in random order with shuffle most definitely off.  Premium user here that is considering jumping ship to Google Play Music.  Issue has been going on for weeks with no update to fix it.