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Can't Play Downloaded Songs When Offline

We're getting reports that downloaded songs are not playing when the app is not connected to the internet. The offline songs are grayed out but shows that they are downloaded. When connected back to the internet, same songs can be played without issues and still appear downloaded.



Thanks for your patience while we looked into this.


We wanted to announce that this issue has been fixed from our end. However, keep in mind you might experience some inconveniences with your offline content that are caused by other things such as:


  • The use of cache clearing apps/settings - these could interfere with the app's normal functions.
  • Storage issues - your device needs to have at least 1GB of free storage in order for Spotify to function correctly.
  • SD card issues - if you're using one, make sure to check out this FAQ.
  • Outdated app - not running the latest app version available can also cause performance issues. Check how to update the app in this Support article.
  • Having more than 5 devices with downloaded music - you can remove older devices by following the steps you'll find in this Support article
  • Not going online at least once in 30 days - your downloads might be removed because of this.
  • The content being removed from Spotify - the downloads will also be removed.


If you're still having trouble after checking all of the above, make sure to start a new thread in the relevant Help Board.


So I've been playing music offline for months on my Nexus 7 tablet and now I suddenly can't. When I try to it says I don't have an internet connection (obviously) and all the songs are greyed out. The songs are downloaded and I'm still subscribed to Spotify so I don't really know what happened. I tried clearing the cache and reinstalling the app but that didnt fix anything. Any help would be appreciated.







Pocophone F1

Operating System

Android 10


My Question or Issue

All of my downloaded songs, podcasts, and  audiobooks are not playing offline. All audio would just suddenly stop playing whenever I get disconnected from Wi-fi/data connection.

Note that all of the songs/playlists still has the downloaded icon (green circle with down arrow) beside them stating that they were downloaded but for some reason whenever I get disconnected from the internet, all of them will just have a greyed out title (shown on screenshot attached). I've been experiencing this for months now and I even created a new account to


I've already done all of the suggested fix online such as clearing cache, redownloading the songs/playlists, doing a clean install/reinstall of the app, and making sure that the "Offline Mode" is switched On. Yes they will work for 1-2 days max but will always revert to the issue.

This honestly gets tiring so please let me know if there is a permanent fix as the main reason I got a subscription is to listen offline as there a couple of places where I need to be where data connection is limited. If there's none then I don't think there's still a point on continuing my subscription as the app is not working as promised and I'm not getting my money's worth. Thank you!

Hi @Runo08


Thank you for sharing your post on the Community.


Great troubleshooting so far, there are other things we can try here to help you sort this out. 


To start, please let us know if you're using an SD card to store your downloads, or if you do it directly on the internal memory.


Also, please check that there are no cache clearing apps running for Spotify. Keep in mind that even if you didn't install such apps, some devices have them preinstalled.


Keep us posted.




Appreciate the response. Apologies on missing this, I had everything downloaded directly to my internal storage. With regards to the cache clearing apps, I don't have any 3rd party app doing this and I also removed all of the restrictions (i.e. battery/power usage, memory and storage permissions) on the app to make sure nothing is interfering it from working.


Hi @Runo08,


Thanks for getting back to us.


If it's possible, you can ask a friend/ family member to log in with their account on your device, so that you can check if the same issue occurs with another account. This will help us understand if the issue is account or device related.


Keep us posted.



I have the same issue. I can't play downloaded music offline even with a premium account. I tried all the suggested fix I could find here in Spotify Community but nothing seems to work. 

Please help. 


Hi there @ElleFebb,


Thank you for posting on this thread!


In order to better assist you, we'd like to have some more information about your case. Please share with us the make, model and OS of your device, as well as the Spotify version you're running. 


Also, let us know if you're using an SD card or the internal storage. Lastly, some screenshots of your playlists can come in handy, this way we can take a closer look at the issue.


Keep us posted.




Had my brother login using his account on my phone, gave it 2 days and it seemed to be working fine for him. In return, I also logged in on his phone (Samsung A50, Android 11) downloaded my playlist on his phone using the memory card and it worked perfectly as well.

I went back on my phone and redownload my playlists, but it is not working again after an hour.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this issue to us.


We’ve passed your info on to the relevant team, who are currently looking into it.


If you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to click +VOTE and Subscribe to the thread to be notified of any developments.


First off, try to do the following troubleshooting steps on your end:

  • Logout and log back in
  • Check for available firmware updates
  • Make a clean reinstall (see guide here)
  • Try with another device if possible

If nothing of the above helped, then could you also make sure to provide us with the following info, if you haven’t already:

  • Make/model of the device and OS version
  • Spotify version number
  • Country
  • Troubleshooting steps tried
  • The date you started noticing this issue on

Thanks! We’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as we have any updates on this.


Hey I can't play half of any songs I have on different playlist. This has been going on for over three weeks now. I've did everything to fix this issue but it's nothing on my end. Can this be fixed soon an very soon. If it can't be let me know and I'll make other arrangements. Cause the songs I wanna hear will start playing then after 6 seconds they stop. Help please