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Can't Play Downloaded Songs When Offline

We're getting reports that downloaded songs are not playing when the app is not connected to the internet. The offline songs are grayed out but shows that they are downloaded. When connected back to the internet, same songs can be played without issues and still appear downloaded.



Thanks for your patience while we looked into this.


We wanted to announce that this issue has been fixed from our end. However, keep in mind you might experience some inconveniences with your offline content that are caused by other things such as:


  • The use of cache clearing apps/settings - these could interfere with the app's normal functions.
  • Storage issues - your device needs to have at least 1GB of free storage in order for Spotify to function correctly.
  • SD card issues - if you're using one, make sure to check out this FAQ.
  • Outdated app - not running the latest app version available can also cause performance issues. Check how to update the app in this Support article.
  • Having more than 5 devices with downloaded music - you can remove older devices by following the steps you'll find in this Support article
  • Not going online at least once in 30 days - your downloads might be removed because of this.
  • The content being removed from Spotify - the downloads will also be removed.


If you're still having trouble after checking all of the above, make sure to start a new thread in the relevant Help Board.

Interesting thesis, I never thought of that. It is odd and suspicious that
so little apparent energy is being put into fixing this problem. This
thread goes on and on and on. Occasionally, some Junior agent will make an
encouraging comment but otherwise it's just radio silence amongst the pleas
for help.

I saw this with Spotify on Android App on Android 13 on a Pixel 5 at the time it was on the May 5th 2023 patch level. I'm in Canada. I've since updated to June patch level. I only have internal storage. This started for us after we signed up for Premium 2-3 months back.

The Liked Songs list here became were completely buggered. It was in a state where it would not play anything offline or use cache. If you switched to another new personal playlist that could be downloaded and played offline but that is very hard to do inside the app with the Liked Songs list short of hours of clicking to add each song individually.

It seemed to be in some kind of buggered state where downloads had not completed properly (very hard to tell what) and it was completely unable to recover forcing all playback of Liked Songs to waste GBs of expensive LTE data live streaming instead of using the cache or downloaded versions.

We almost cancelled our subscription due to really buggy software both in the Android App and Linux client and an inability to get any support for a paid service. We could not get the Linux client to connect with no useful error messages on Ubuntu LTS 22.04. We avoid snap like the plague and will switch services rather than use snap. It is crazy to have bugs like this in the Android App that was freshly reinstalled fresh 3 months ago and have no way to access support.

This isn't an future feature request that we should be voting on. This is a fundamentally broken client issue affecting thousands of users.

Putting a really stupid chatbot in so it completely blocks support access constantly cycling through asking the same 3 questions over and over is very dumb. It is a critical problem when Spotify app burns expensive LTE data instead of using cache/offline downloads. This is what happens for the whole list once it gets confused. A lot of users only play their liked songs. Smart shuffle is an extremely annoying feature that should not be part of the shuffle button. An actually "smart" shuffle would be what other players do i.e. shuffle the current playlist during each playback. Don't shuffle the playlist once a day and restart at the begin of the playlist every time a power cycle happens.
This causes the app replay the same songs in the 400 song play list over and over again. This happened four times during short 20 minutes trips yesterday. A functional truly randomized shuffle per session of a playlist is a basic function of music players for over 20 years no idea how a modern app is failing at this

Offline/cache playback failure seems to happen easily with the Liked Songs list. Using a separate playlist, which is hard to make from the app of your Liked Songs, will work offline after you do a download when this happens. It is not obvious AT ALL that Spotify is live streaming accessing LTE when it is set not to. This is a critical regression and should never happen. It should never have reached community as if this is a voted enhancement request. I've had Spotify installed for a few months on as stable phone with no other issues. I shouldn't have to be wiping the app to beat it into operating without burning LTE on a Premium plan.

To the developer trying to fix this, I would suggest experimenting with interrupting Liked Songs downloads w/ around 200-400 songs liked and fixing the download recovery when things fail. For some reason the app was staying in some kind of failed download in progress state for the Liked Songs playlist even after multiple reboots of the phone.
That isn't reasonable for a paid service. Please do better.

You're assuming a team is actually looking at this. As of now, there's no
evidence of that.


Premium Family




iPhone 11


My Question or Issue

This is an ongoing issue for over a year, persisting through all updates and clearing caches. Not all of the music I have downloaded will play while offline. It will appear available but not play when selected. I don’t notice a pattern with it, just some songs in playlists/albums will not play while offline. 


  • For a few months now I haven't been able to play songs when offline even though the green "downloaded" icon appears next to all of them
  • I have checked for updates, reinstalled the app, cleared the cache and enabled offline mode but none of those things help
  • When I enable offline mode, I get the lasting "spotify is currently offline" notification and the app stops functioning alltogether even when I have an internet connection.
  • I have a google pixel 6a, should that be of importance

What do I do? This has been going on for a while now


Recently i lost my android mobile data and were not able to play my "liked" songs. If i managed to get a connection, all the songs were still there, downloaded on my phone, but the minute i wasen't, i couldnt even access my offline playlist.






Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Operating System



My Question or Issue

This seems like a dealbreaker of a bug, when i pay to be able to listen to music at any time. Anything i can do or is the app just not working?


Here's what I recommend trying out:

1. Force stop and re-open the app

2. Restarting your phone

3. Toggling offline mode on-off in Spotify settings


If none of this pans out, I'm afraid you'd have to re-download your current library.


Hey everyone,


Would it be possible to send us a short screen recording of how things look on your end so we can forward it to the team investigating this? You can attach it to your comment or upload it via YouTube or Google Drive.




What the **bleep** is going on with Spotify? People, including me, have been posting about this for about a month already - again as this is not a new problem (2021 accured already) and now you guys are just asking some screenshots?!? It's a **bleep**ing holiday season and this is a very important feature when you cannot use wi-fi or mobile data e.g. on the plane.


Get**bleep** together or you will see a big vawe leaving...




Video showing downloaded songs successfully playing from personal playlists under airplane mode but not playing from the liked songs playlist.