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Last night all was good with my Spotify and Nest Mini could cast and play music or ask it and it would. However tonight it won't play with voice commands it attempts to then says "Sorry something went wrong please try again in a bit". Casting to the device of you have music already playing when you cast the mini will make it cast noise and then a second later start playing however Spotify app says it is still connecting then says it isn't connected and the music stops on both. I have restarted the Nest Mini and unlinked and relinked my account restarted it again then and then reinstalled Spotify and still no change.

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Other casting options do work so this is strictly limited to spotify
I have exactly the same issue, and it started some time yesterday. Other apps cast without issues.
Some more details: this happens when trying to cast both from the Android app and the Windows app. As already mentioned, the casting sound is heard, music starts playing on the cast device, the phone pauses and stays paused (and if unpaused plays on the phone), then music cuts off on the cast device after 5-10s. Problem did not start happening as a result of updating either app (updates happened days ago).

I have the exact same issue, with different devices. Suddenly (somewhere between yesterday and today) all stopped casting spotify. This includes using the spotify app, sonos app, or asking the google speaker to play something. It also occurs on all 3 of my devices, which are a Mini, a Home and a Sonos One.


So a little bird is telling me, there was an update somewhere that broke it.

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Same here! Very annoying, since I cannot listen to any music now. Streaming on my Nest Mini or Nest Hub also does not work, so it's not phone related.


I currently can't cast Spotify on my chromecast anymore. Everything else works fine, but not Spotify. Currently I can play a song for about 15s., after that chromecast connection stops. During that time, the spotify player wont show on my TV, just the logo on black screen. 


Might this be a family account related problem?


  • Make and model of the device(s) this is happening on. = Samsung A8
  • The Exact version of the operating system. = Android 9
  • The Exact version of Spotify. =
  • Account type: Family
  • The Chromecast firmware version. =  1.42.172094 
  • Are you playing via voice commands or Connect? =  I use the Spotify app directly, and cast through the "available devices"



I have the same issue since of today. Spotify was updated yesterday.


  • Make and model of the device(s) this is happening on. samsung a70
  • The exact version of the operating system. Andriod 10 
  • The exact version of Spotify8.5.80.1037
  • The Chromecast firmware version. 1.42.172094
  • Are you playing via voice commands or Connect? casting from the Spotify app
  • An approximate time and date that this happened. 17-oct 9:30 AM CEST

I have same issue today, yesterday everything worked fine. 

Can not cast for more than few seconds ether from my phone or PC. I can cast everything else, just not spotify. If i ask Google Nest to play spotify it tells me that something went wrong.



  • Make and model of the device(s) this is happening on. = Samsung S10
  • The Exact version of the operating system. = Android 10
  • The Exact version of Spotify. =
  • Account type: Family
  • The Goggle nest firmware version. =  229149 (1.50.229149)
  • Are you playing via voice commands or Connect? =  Both, nothing works




I am a Premium user from Austria, mostly using Spotify on a Sonos Amp and Sonos One. When sending music from the Spotify app to one of the Sonos it often fails and does not play. When I repeat the action it mostly works.

I use the latest Spotify app on an iPhone SE with iOS 13. The iPhone is on Wireless, obviously, and the Sonos Amp connected directly via cable to the Internet router.

What could cause such issues, and is there anything I could do about it?

Thanks & regards, Robert

same. connects after a 10 second lag, but then my phone continues to play another song from the playlist at the same time. then it all just drops. volume controls also about 10 seconds behind and totally inaccurate anyways (shows zero volume on the phone, while it's playing at about 30%, etc etc). started last night but i had it working, this morning it gives me the whole error message routine. super annoying. worse things have happened to people, surely, but damn... MEHHHHH.
oh but it plays YT Music, but not what I ask it to play and doesn't mirror on my phone for control. just doin it's own thang.