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Hi Team

Last night all was good with my Spotify and Nest Mini could cast and play music or ask it and it would. However tonight it won't play with voice commands it attempts to then says "Sorry something went wrong please try again in a bit". Casting to the device of you have music already playing when you cast the mini will make it cast noise and then a second later start playing however Spotify app says it is still connecting then says it isn't connected and the music stops on both. I have restarted the Nest Mini and unlinked and relinked my account restarted it again then and then reinstalled Spotify and still no change.

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We really appreciate taking the time to add your votes and comments in the Community and for your patience while we were looking into this.


Our teams have done their magic backstage and this should be now resolved.


However, as Amazon Fire TV devices are still affected, we've created a different Ongoing Issue thread where you can stay up to speed with any updates we have about that instead. Make sure to add your +VOTE and subscribe to that thread if you're on an Amazon Fire TV device in that case.


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still not working reliable - 2, 3, 4 times it says "an error occured"!

after let Google play something from TuneIn and then giving the command to play the initial wanted playlist it immediately starts playing this playlist... that is still not acceptable!


Oké, same issue here....

Not able to cast to chromecast audio... connection keeps dropping and dropping and dropping......

Very annoying when this is where I use Spotify for .....

Also really bad that this is not detected before launch....


For me, I can't connect to the Firestick 4K Spotify.

I have cleared data/cache, restarted the Firestick and reinstalled.


Can't connect from Android app on Motorola G6, or pair with PIN using Windows 10 PC or login using account details.


Hi, It's not working well for me.


I can cast songs over from my phone (Huawei Mate 20) to my TV (Sony  X8000G), However the connection drops for a few seconds every minute or so - at regular intervals.


I've restarted the app, restarted the TV, reinstalled the app on mobile and the connection still drops on and off at regular intervals.

  • Make and model of the device(s) this is happening on. = Huawei Mate 20
  • The Exact version of the operating system. = EMUI
  • The Exact version of Spotify. =
  • Account type: Family

EDIT: Oh it seems to be working now after I deleted & reinstalled the app on my Sony Android TV. The songs don't stop mid-way at regular intervals now.



This started Friday, mine is with my FireTV 4K Stick. Was working perfectly fine at the beginning of the week up to Thursday, Friday morning it was working and then nothing. I can’t get it to connect via casting from my iPhone. It won’t even let me login at all. 

I tried parring with a code on my account, that didn’t work, with my username and password, that does nothing. 

Spotify, please fix this! 


I have a toshiba fire tv, and a samsung s10. I cant cast onto my tv since yesterday. 






My Spotify Fire TV's app doesn't work. We can't connect in any options. I hope it work soon. we are a Duo Premium from Catalonia, Spain




I am not able to login manually or cast to my Fire Stick.  It freezes on the login.  It does recognize an incorrect password however.  


Spotify stopped connecting to Amazon Firestick tv 4G

Have done everything possible at my end to fix this....... NOT HAPPENING!!!!!!!


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