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Can't connect to Chromecast Audio


Apple iPhone


Operating System Version:

9.3.1 (buikd: 13E238) 


Spotify Version:

Spotify app



Not able to connect the spotify app to Google Chromecast. Problem started two days ago. I get the "connecting" sound it makes when it tries to connect, but then nothing. And songs continues to play on phone, and there's no stream on the Chromecast.


To reproduce:

  1. Start Spotify
  2. Select Song
  3. Choose Device "Chromecast"
  4. Silence...




Additional information:

Can be provided upon request.


Hey all! 


Thanks for all your reports here and for helping us out. As we haven't seen any recent posts we're going to go ahead and close this thread.


If you're still having issues then please try the following;


- Restarting your device, and then reinstall the app
- Check for firmware updates on your Chromecast
- Restart your network router.
- Make sure that your Chromecast is connected to the same WiFi network
- Ensure you're not using a VPN


These all should help 🙂

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hi @catnil!

First, try to make sure:

  • You have the latest firmware installed on your Chromecast device.
  • Your device is connected to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast.

Then, follow the steps here:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify/
Let us know how it goes 🙂




I'm having the exact same issue, although i use Android. It started after the last spotify update, version 
I can connect to the chromecast via other means (laptop, tv etc) and also other apps, youtube, iplaye radio etc, but with spotify app it makes the connection sound but music keeps playing on my phone. I am on the same WiFi network.


Here are some of the details


Phone : Samsung Galaxy S6

OS : Android Marshmellow 6.0.1

Chromecast Version ; 1.19.62825
Spotify Version :


Hope this helps




Hi @walters2001! Thanks for all the info.


Does reinstalling the app following these steps help at all?


Keep us posted.

Yes, reinstall fixed the issue.
Same issue! I can't connect to my ChromeCast or Audio cast. I tried reinstalling both Spotify and the ChromeCast app.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S5

I have the same issue with my Asus Zenfone 2: the Spotify app launches on the Chromecast but connection fails.

All the other Chromecast apps I have tried works flawlessly: Youtube, Google Play Music, screen casting, OCS... Looks like an issue specific to Spotify.

Please note that I have also tried with another device on the same WiFi access point, an NvidiaShield K1: same behavior.

I suspect that my WiFi router may have something to do there. Maybe some UPnP packets that get lost? Then why only with the Spotify app? My WiFi router is an Asus RT-AC68U and I am fully ready to change its configuration if it can make Spotify work on Chromecast...

Hey @JamesPond and @Strammefar,


Just to check, are your still having issues with the Spotify app on your Chromecast?


If so, could you let us know the Spotify version you're rocking right now and the device/OS you're using?


We'll see what we can suggest.


Hi @MaryC1,


I am still having the issues with the Spotify app on my Chromecast.


The Android Spotify app on my phone says its version is, while  the OS is Android 5.0.


The Android Spotify app on my tablet says its version is, while  the OS is Android 6.0.1.


The Google Cast app says that the Chromecast is running firmware version 1.19a.63621.


Thanks in advance!




I am still having the issue here, despite several updates to the Spotify app. It is now in version


@JamesPond thanks for the info you sent. 


We've now released a new version of the app for Android. Could you reinstall following these steps


Let us know if the issue persists with this version, or if everything works just fine.


Our best,