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Can't connect to Chromecast Audio


Apple iPhone


Operating System Version:

9.3.1 (buikd: 13E238) 


Spotify Version:

Spotify app



Not able to connect the spotify app to Google Chromecast. Problem started two days ago. I get the "connecting" sound it makes when it tries to connect, but then nothing. And songs continues to play on phone, and there's no stream on the Chromecast.


To reproduce:

  1. Start Spotify
  2. Select Song
  3. Choose Device "Chromecast"
  4. Silence...




Additional information:

Can be provided upon request.


Hey all! 


Thanks for all your reports here and for helping us out. As we haven't seen any recent posts we're going to go ahead and close this thread.


If you're still having issues then please try the following;


- Restarting your device, and then reinstall the app
- Check for firmware updates on your Chromecast
- Restart your network router.
- Make sure that your Chromecast is connected to the same WiFi network
- Ensure you're not using a VPN


These all should help 🙂




Made a clean install to version " x86" and the issue persists.


Hey @JamesPond, thanks for giving it a try!


Could you check if there're any firmware updates available for your Chromecast device?


We'll be waiting for your reply. 




OK, I rebooted the Chromecast and it went to firmware version 1.20.66189 (that was not an obvious way to trigger a firmware update).


Sadly, this did not make Spotify able to connect to the Chromecast.


As previously mentioned, I suspect that this could be network-related. I am ready to change my wireless router's configuration if that can be if any help!



Thanks for giving it a try @JamesPond!


Could you try with a different Spotify Premium account and check if the same thing happens? It might a be friend's account or someone from your family. 


Let us know if works.




Tried with somebody else's account and still no luck.


Hey @JamesPond!


Does it work if you try using our test account?


Let us know how it goes.  





Just gave a try to the *Moderator Edit* account and always the same result.


Thanks for checking!


If you give it a try with a different WiFi network, does that have the same issue?


Keep us posted.


Hi @Laura,


I tested on my ISP's wifi box (Orange Play) instead of my own Asus wifi router which is plugged on it.


To my surprise, it does not work either. I was convinced it had to do with my router, well maybe not finally.


Please note that in both case they rely on the same gateway -- maybe the firewall is blocking something? I can configure that, too.


Let me know!




Some additional info:

  • Spotify Connect works fine between my phone and laptop. My tablet appears in the list even though I did not actually used it to pilot or output playback.
  • I now have a NvidiaShield with AndroidTV. The Spotify app works perfectly, including Spotify Connect. On the other hand, using the NvidiaShield as a Chromecast receiver fails as with my Chromecast V2.