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Can't connect to Chromecast Audio


Apple iPhone


Operating System Version:

9.3.1 (buikd: 13E238) 


Spotify Version:

Spotify app



Not able to connect the spotify app to Google Chromecast. Problem started two days ago. I get the "connecting" sound it makes when it tries to connect, but then nothing. And songs continues to play on phone, and there's no stream on the Chromecast.


To reproduce:

  1. Start Spotify
  2. Select Song
  3. Choose Device "Chromecast"
  4. Silence...




Additional information:

Can be provided upon request.


Hey all! 


Thanks for all your reports here and for helping us out. As we haven't seen any recent posts we're going to go ahead and close this thread.


If you're still having issues then please try the following;


- Restarting your device, and then reinstall the app
- Check for firmware updates on your Chromecast
- Restart your network router.
- Make sure that your Chromecast is connected to the same WiFi network
- Ensure you're not using a VPN


These all should help 🙂


Hey @JamesPond!


Could you let us know if your device is a Chromecast Audio device? Also, can you fire over the model of your AndroidTV and the firmware version of it? Please check your firewall settings are not affecting the app performance. Here's how.


We'll keep an eye over here. 




The device is a Chromecast V2, not a Chromecast Audio. You know, this one -->


I am not able to check my NVidia Shield AndroidTV details right now, I'll get back to you ASAP with this information.


About the firewall settings, I don't see how the link you provided could be of any help. It explains how to setup the firewall on the device but Spotify is actually running fine on both my laptop, phone, tablet and AndroidTV. On the other hand, there is some firewall configured in my wifi router and in my ISP's box. Though by reading at the Desktop's tutorial it looks like Spotify is not using any uncommon port or protocol, so they should not be blocked.





About the AndroidTV:

Model: SHIELD Android TV

Android security fix level: June 1st, 2016

Version: 6.0

Build: MRA58K.324774_733.8518

SHIELD Android TV software version: 3.2(


However I should add, that I am not able to try out the casting ability of the device anymore since I have installed Spotify. It is now treated as Spotify Connect (which works very well) but not as a casting target anymore. I guess I could disconnect from Spotify on the AndroidTV to try again the casting ability...


Hi again @JamesPond!


Thanks for all the info you've provided to this case.


One more question, did it work before or it has never worked properly on your AndroidTV? If it used to work, did you spot any specific changes that might've triggered the issue (a Spotify update, a new firmware version)?


We'll be waiting for you reply.


Hi @MaryC1,


Casting Spotify to my AndroidTV never worked for me. However I bought this device only very recently (say around 15th July 2016) so the issue might be recent anyway.


On the other hand I bought my Chromecast V2 on 17th May 2016 and casting Spotify to it never worked either.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Thanks for letting us know @JamesPond.


We've sent this over to our Technical team so they can investigate this issue further. We'll keep you updated.


Stay tuned.


@MaryC1, @Alejandro_C,


Some news that will certainly be useful.


Having some issues with Steam to work, I played around with the firewall settings of my ISP's box. I took the occasion to try Spotify casting to my Chromecast V2 and it worked with less restricting settings.


It worked by using the following (default) settings: (in French)


Le pare-feu filtre toutes les connexions entrantes. le trafic sortant est autorisé à l'exception des services netbios. Il est recommandé d'utiliser ce mode.


Quick translation in English: no incoming traffic is accepted, but all outcoming traffic is accepted.


 My usual firewall settings allow traffic only for specific ports that I explicitly allow.


Trying to configure my firewall to support Spotify on Chromecast, I found this ressource which specifies the port 4070 as important:


Still I have not been able to set my firewall on port 4070 so that casting on my Chromecast would work. Should un-blocking port 4070 be enough?


Please note that none of these settings was necessary in order to get it work on my laptop, phone, tablet and AndroidTV. I read there was a fallback to ports 443 and 80 when port 4070 is blocked. Is this (properly) implemented into the Chromecast receiver? That would explain the whole story...

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @JamesPond!


Thanks for the extra info. Our tech folks are still investigating this issue. Hopefully they'll find a fix soon. 


Let us know if there's anything we can help you with in the meantime - stay tuned.



Hey folks!


Just checking in to let you know that this is still being looked into at the moment.


Rest assured that as soon as we have any news, we'll let you know.

Thanks for your patience, and for bearing with us 🙂



Hey everyone!


We'll let you know as soon as we have any updates about this issue on this thread. Our Tech team is still investigating this one.


Thanks for your patience and have a great one.