Can't connect to Chromecast Audio


Apple iPhone


Operating System Version:

9.3.1 (buikd: 13E238) 


Spotify Version:

Spotify app



Not able to connect the spotify app to Google Chromecast. Problem started two days ago. I get the "connecting" sound it makes when it tries to connect, but then nothing. And songs continues to play on phone, and there's no stream on the Chromecast.


To reproduce:

  1. Start Spotify
  2. Select Song
  3. Choose Device "Chromecast"
  4. Silence...




Additional information:

Can be provided upon request.


Hey all! 


Thanks for all your reports here and for helping us out. As we haven't seen any recent posts we're going to go ahead and close this thread.


If you're still having issues then please try the following;


- Restarting your device, and then reinstall the app
- Check for firmware updates on your Chromecast
- Restart your network router.
- Make sure that your Chromecast is connected to the same WiFi network
- Ensure you're not using a VPN


These all should help 🙂

Spotify Legend

Hey @mote@catnil, and @Youngy004!


Thanks for your patience and bearing with us. We understand your frustration and rest assured the right folks are looking into this as we type. 


We haven't any updates from them just yet but hope to have some news to share soon. Thanks again for bearing with us. In the meantime, please make sure that your devices (including your router/modem) are all up-to-date.




Thanks for this, i have done this already a number of times and this doesnt
solve the issue.


Gig Goer

@JimThanks for the feedback.
Two of my friends chanceled their Spotify because of these disconnetion issues already.
We're paying customers and i fell like I'm on the last bit of patience here, so could you please be more specific than »We haven't any updates from them just yet«, like for example what the problem is, some sort of timeframe? - Will be happy to test paches or dev images if you wan't to receive help.

Spotify Legend

Hey @mote!


We hear you and totally understand your frustration. Unfortunately, we haven't a particular time-frame just yet but hope to have an update soon. We'll pass on your request to help to our tech folks, they'll be happy to know that our Community is ready to help where they can. 


In the meantime, make sure that everything is up-to-date and follow the steps above. They have helped most users 🙂


We'll keep you in the loop.

Gig Goer

@Jim. - Have you have you tried turning it off and on again?



Hey all, 

Thanks for your patience with this. We're still looking into this with the right team, and we'll be sure to post an update soon.

We've recently pushed out an update for iOS, so be sure to install that. Let us know how it's looking after your iOS device is updated 🙂


After the latest update I cannot connect to the Chromecast audio. 

Spotify Running on

Chrimecast Firmware version 1.22a.78337


I reinstalled Spotify and Google home

restarted the router

deleted and added the chomecast in google home

when I try to connect Spotify to chromecast, I just get... connecting. But it doesnt connect. I see in google home app that chromecast is detecting Spotify but it aint playin. 


I tested with Tune in radio app and streaming works fine which means its not the Chromecast. 

This happened few days ago. Before that it was working fine for me. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey folks


We hope you're well.


Our tech folks are looking into things here, and it would be super helpful if you could let us know the make / model of your router.


Many thanks and keep us posted.




Same issue here. I hear the connection sound but the music plays only on my ipad / iphone / 2nd Ipad. Reinstalled everything, reset everything and yet not working. 

All iOS devices running 10.2.1


Chromecast version firmware 1.22.78337

Router: CBN. Model: CG7486E. Firmware version 5.510.5.9


I hope it can help.

Best Regards.




Same issue - had it for the past 6 months or so - on latest version of Spotify for iPhone (7.6.0), re-installed, and totally refreshed and firmware updated Chromcast v2 (1.22.79313).


Router is a Technicolor TC7200 running on the 5 ghz band.


Pretty annoying!


Any updates?

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