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Samsung A50

Operating System

Android 9, Samsung OneUI


Spotify Issue

When I left my Spotify on the Canvas screen, a pop up ad will return if I clicked dismiss and attempts to go into my playlist section. If I click dismiss on the ad that returned, it will take me back into my Canvas screen. This becomes an infinite loop, until I force close Spotify.

Hey there folks,


We really appreciate bearing with us.


This should be now fixed!


If you're experiencing a similar issue, please let us know in the related Help Board, making sure to include all relevant details of the ad you're seeing. We'll be happy to lend a hand there, thanks 🙂

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Hey @DFX_, thanks for reaching out to the Community!

Could you try a clean reinstall of the Spotify app?


Keep me posted 🙂 

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@  Just re-installed my Spotify app. This problem is still happening.


When I click the "v" button on the top left of my canvas screen, sometimes an ad pops up with the "Learn More" and "DISMISS" button. If I click dismiss, it will bring me back to the Canvas screen. If I click the "Learn More" it will play a video ad, after the video ends, it will bring me back to the Canvas screen. If I attempt to exit from the Canvas screen again, the same thing happens.

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Hey @DFX_,


Thanks for the reply!

Could you try restarting the device, and try a different internet connection? Also, please make sure that you're on the latest OS version available.


If that doesn't help, please send me a screen recording along with the OS version and Spotify version. 


Keep me updated 🙂

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Hey  ,


I have already tried the suggestions given, the ad loop is still happening. This is the link to the video, hopfully it helps.



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Hey @DFX_,


Thanks for getting back to me.

Could you try clearing the cache on your device? 


If that doesn't help, let me know 🙂 

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So far I've tried reinstalling the app, clearing the cache, restarting the device, and connecting to different internet, the Ad loop is still happening.


Thanks for putting up with this long winded thread, do you know if there are other posts with this similar problem?

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Hey @DFX_,


Thanks. Could you let me know the following info:

  • What version of the Spotify app you on?
  • Does this happen when using another device for example the desktop app? If yes, what other device this happens on and the version of the Spotify app installed?
  • If you log in using a different Spotify account on your original Samsung device, does the issue persist?

I'd also love to see another loop/screensrecording of what happens if you tap "Learn More" instead of dismiss.


Keep me posted 🙂

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Hi  ,

  • Version:
  • Only had it happen on my android device, I have not encounter this issue on Windows 10's Spotify app.
  • I can't confirm if this will happen if I use a different Spotify account (since I only have one), but I would assume this issue is most likely device based.
  • When I click Learn More, a video Ad would play. After the ad ends, it will bring me back to the same "Canvas" screen. Ad loop continues.
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Hey @DFX_,


Thank you for the information!

I'll need to see what you mean by the Canvas screen. Can you provide me this info:

  • Do you have the Canvas setting enabled from Home > Settings?
  • Does this happen with every track?
  • Do you always get the same ad, and do you get the same error if you get other ads?
  • Is the issue only happening when you are seeing the Canvas feature of a song and then press "View Artist", or elsewhere?
  • Does this happens with every Canvas-enabled song?
  • Does it ever happen if you have Canvas disabled?

Keep me updated, I'd love to take a look for you!

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Hey Billy-J,


Sorry about the confusion. For the Canvas screen, I ment the screen that pops up when you click on the music (exactly as shown in the video link posted in the previous message).


Answering some of your questions:

  • I always had the video canvas feature disabled to save data
  • The ad loop happens whenver a pop up ad is displayed, no matter what track it is
  • Most of the ads are different, I get the same error with every pop up ad
  • This issue only manifest on my canvas screen (the screen where a picture of the album is shown), I can successfully dismiss the ad if I'm in my playlist screen, home screen, etc.
  • My video canvas feature was always disabled (the screen only display an image of the album), but I believe the ad loop still happens if I enable the video canvas.

Another thing I would like to add, I just found out that I can interact with the content under the pop up ad eventhough the ad isn't dismissed (eg: scrolling, clicking like, pause, etc)