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Can't find settings for private mode on new web player



I can't find the settings for Private Session on the new Spotify Web player! Please help!


Hey there @Jaelan!

Thanks for reaching out to us on the Spotify Community.
We hope you're well 🙂

There's recently been an update, and a few changes have been made to the web player.
The team here are still working hard on things, so we appreciate your feedback on this. We'll pass this directly on.

You can still use this feature on the app in the meantime, just check out:

Let us know if there's any other questions 🙂




Today that PWA apps are hot and Chromebooks are the SECOND most used computers in the world, Spotify's web app needs to be update to provide the SAME functionality that other clients. This is a must!


Seriously Spotify? its been this long. FIX**bleep**!


Stop trying to force people into using your garbage desktop app and give the web player full functionality.


So what do you think everyone, is their team still working hard on this feature? Lol


I can't fathom why this is still not done yet. And the best part about it is that their desktop app is more or less just a web app itself, so I'm assuming the dev team (prolly consisting of one unpaid intern) just forgot about this issue like they always do. Too bad the desktop app is a bunch of garbage. Also, "Not An Issue" is a joke, right?


@_tobi they don't care, they make all the money, give the musicians and content creators pennies, why listen to us? 


They are just waiting to mark this thread as old and delete it. ,


I probably google this problem once a week and I can't believe I just now found this thread. On my Chromebase at work, even in the downloaded app version, there's just no place to turn on private session. Seems silly, when it's literally an option everywhere else. Assuming "not an issue" means they don't plan to add the feature, despite the clear fact that it's leaving quite a large number of users without a key feature of the platform. Maybe we should get Joe Rogan on it--they definitely listen to that guy.


Spotify is a complete joke.. I've seen so much requests on this forum and we're just told that we're not going to get any of them. Privacy should be N1 feature together with control over our data. Not able to open a privacy session from web is making Spotify useless for me. Also on the Android app there's no way for permanent private session. I have to always browse through multiple menus and a big list of options just to enable this. With every version Spotify is becoming worse.


Its been YEARS! YEARS SPOTIFY! YEARS! WHERE IS THIS UPDATE? are they still WORKING ON IT?!? or did you just ax a feature we all used and wanted and then lie to our face?


"are they still WORKING ON IT?!? "

Highly doubt it's the case. Me and my family have been been using Premium for 4+ years already. The Android app is getting worse, the web player is getting worse, privacy settings suck, the promise for high quality audio was just a lie. I know I'm cancelling my subscription by the end of the month. There are other audio streaming services out there.


This thread is awful.


Not an issue, @Melody? The point seems to have been missed entirely.


In my case, similarly to one of the people that commented here, I listen to specific songs during work hours on my work computer. Thus the web app.


I don't want the app to associate this activity along mine outside work. Thus the private mode.


THIS is the main feature of private mode for me and others in this thread. The point, and the importance of the feature, seems to be entirely missed, and nowhere there is feedback around this feature.